Donald Trump's fear machine

Well, that was sure ugly. Last week's Republican conclave in Cleveland came across less as a nominating convention than as a four-day nervous breakdown, a moment of fracture and bipolarity from a party that no longer has any clear idea what it stands for or what it is. Everywhere you turned there...

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  • Md. prisons need a more enlightened approach to drug treatment

    The state of Maryland has recently enacted or proposed two work-arounds for the problem of Suboxone being smuggled into prisons. The first action, taking Suboxone off the Medicaid preferred drug list ("State action limits opioid addiction treatments," June 23), destabilized patients in recovery...

  • Make turnout great again

    Make turnout great again

    Last week, Democrats in Congress unveiled a proposal that could result in as many as 50 million more Americans registered to vote, and it's audacious in its simplicity. It would make voter registration automatic for U.S. citizens 18 years of age or older through almost any contact with a government...

  • Disclose, disclose, disclose

    Disclose, disclose, disclose

    Del. Dan K. Morhaim, the Baltimore County Democrat and physician who has been Maryland's leading advocate for medical marijuana in the legislature and before the medical cannabis commission, says in retrospect, he wishes he would have done more to disclose his affiliation with one of the companies...

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  • Hogan will pay for not endorsing Trump

    Hogan will pay for not endorsing Trump

    With Gov. Larry Hogan insulting his Republican Party base by purposely not attending the GOP's nominating convention in Cleveland next week because of his childish objection to Donald Trump, Maryland should not look for any favors from a Trump administration if elected ("Gov. Larry Hogan: Not voting...

  • Revenge is no solution

    Revenge is no solution

    In Matthew 5:38, it says "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." The verses that follow clarify the meaning of that passage: It restates the truism that revenge begets revenge and nothing gets resolved. It also corrects the belief among many people that revenge is appropriate. Referencing...

  • Maryland's math folly

    Maryland's math folly

    It should come as no surprise that thousands of high school seniors will be required this fall to do "remedial work in math and English — even if they've passed those classes their entire student career — because they are not ready for college," as The Sun recently reported ("Thousands of Maryland...

  • Technology isn't reassuring

    Technology isn't reassuring

    David Zurawik laments the failure of videos produced by new digital technologies to change our lives in any way for the better ("After shootings, a loss of hope in power of viral video," July 8). I would argue that not only have these technologies not changed our lives for the better, but they've...

  • Fighting hunger with faith

    Fighting hunger with faith

    Congratulations to Sister Ilaria Buonriposi for her work on social issues ("Local sister to join 'Nuns on the Bus,'" July 9). With one in five children hungry in America and the SNAP program (food stamps) threatened with cuts, there is plenty of work to do. Each of us can do our part by calling...

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  • Cause and effect

    Cause and effect

    In 1926, speaking about the Declaration of Independence on its 150th anniversary, President Calvin Coolidge noted the unique philosophy behind the creation of the United States: "We cannot continue to enjoy the result, if we neglect and abandon the cause." Speaking at a news conference in Baton...

  • Republican convention a showcase of rancor, poor taste

    Republican convention a showcase of rancor, poor taste

    The Republican National Convention to nominate Donald Trump for president had the usual hoopla. But it also was shrouded in questions concerning the very viability and future of the party itself. The efforts of anti-Trump delegates to release pledged delegates to vote their "conscience" was crushed...

  • Cop killers serve no cause

    Cop killers serve no cause

    How can anyone ever explain this to Mason? He's only 4 months old, so that moment still lies years in the future. Still, at some point, too soon, he will ask the inevitable questions, and someone will have to tell him how his dad was shot to death for being a police officer in Baton Rouge. Montrell...

  • Hillary deserves presidency but must overcome public distrust

    Hillary deserves presidency but must overcome public distrust

    Hillary Clinton's six-point lead over Donald Trump in last month's CBS News/New York Times poll evaporated as of mid-July. Even before Mr. Trump's inevitable post-convention bump in the polls, Ms. Clinton was tied with him, according to the latest CBS/Times poll, with each garnering the support...

  • Republicans gather in Cleveland with a high potential for chaos

    Republicans gather in Cleveland with a high potential for chaos

    Annie Yu is one of my talented young colleagues who does social media for the Los Angeles Times. Her desk is right across from mine in the newsroom. I suppose I should have been surprised on Tuesday afternoon when I saw her trying on a flak vest and helmet, but I wasn't. I had no trouble guessing...