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Can Md. legislators police themselves?

Gov. Larry Hogan's proposals to increase transparency and ethics standards in Annapolis come at a propitious time. Not only did this year's General Assembly session open with federal indictments implicating a current and former member in a corruption investigation, but the legislature is waiting...

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  • Alternative fact of the week: Last night in the school bathroom

    Strictly by customary fact-checking standards, this week's most egregious "alternative fact" has become so ubiquitous that it can be identified in just four words: "last night in Sweden." Surely, the details are now familiar: President Donald Trump, in revving up supporters in Melbourne, Fla. Saturday...

  • Trump: Making America less safe again

    Trump: Making America less safe again

    The new immigration policies President Donald Trump's administration released Tuesday make America less humane; they target millions of people who have been in this country for years, have contributed to society and have raised children here. They make America less free because they portend the...

  • Reporting abuse

    Working with advocates, Del. Eric Luedtke came up with what seemed like an easy way to protect children: Create a single number that anyone can call, from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, to report possible abuse or neglect. Legislation he introduced, which is due for a hearing tomorrow ,...

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  • Safe spaces are a liability

    Safe spaces are a liability

    Isn't bad enough that we put up with politicians who break the law every day protecting illegal immigrants? Now, Johns Hopkins researchers want Baltimore to provide a safe place for the illegal use of drugs ("Hopkins researchers suggest Baltimore offer addicts safe places to do drugs," Feb. 23)....

  • Elected leaders get cozy with Big Oil

    Elected leaders get cozy with Big Oil

    The article, "Emails: EPA's Pruitt cozy with fossil fuel industry" by Michael Biesecker and Jason Dearen (Feb. 23), highlights that the line between our federal government and fossil-fuel interests is paper thin. The growing exposure of the cozy relationship between the White House and the oil...

  • Harris needs to listen

    Harris needs to listen

    It's a positive thing to read that Rep. Andy Harris is planning a meeting to speak to his constituents about the Affordable Care Act ("Rep. Andy Harris to hold a town hall meeting next month," Feb. 23). It is without question something that will impact many Marylanders. My problem is this: Logically,...

  • Drug 'safe spaces' deserve support

    Drug 'safe spaces' deserve support

    Thank you, Baltimore Sun, for your editorial, "A safer way to do drugs?" (Feb. 25). The notion of a legally sanctioned space for drug users seems counterintuitive for some, but decades of research of safe consumption spaces in other cities is clear — they are associated with reduced overdose deaths,...

  • Carroll posters are divisive

    I read with interest the article on the banning, and subsequent protest of that ban, of the "We the People" posters placed in classrooms at Carroll County schools ("Westminster rally is latest push against school ban on 'We the People' posters," Feb. 23). The promoters of this effort claim that...

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  • Cal Thomas: What happened to conservative optimism?

    Cal Thomas: What happened to conservative optimism?

    I had never heard of Milo Yiannopoulosuntil recently, perhaps because I don't visit some of the websites where his musings are published. Milo, as he calls himself because of the difficulty some have pronouncing his last name, was disinvited from this week's Conservative Political Action Committee...

  • Witcover: Trump persists in his campaign against the press

    Witcover: Trump persists in his campaign against the press

    Not yet a month in office, President Trump was back on the campaign trail in Florida the other day in what could be called a victory lap celebrating the job he had already won. The event was a transparent ego booster shot to his constant need for reassurance that his faithful flock was still with...

  • Pitts: The education gap between left and right

    Pitts: The education gap between left and right

    "I love the poorly educated!" -- Donald Trump "Think! It ain't illegal yet." -- Funkadelic It's time we talked about the most consequential political divide in this country. That divide is not between liberals and conservatives. Rather, it is between the ignorant and the informed, between those...

  • Robert B. Reich: Why Trumponomics is a recipe for failure

    Robert B. Reich: Why Trumponomics is a recipe for failure

    When Donald Trump gave a speech last Friday at Boeing's factory in North Charleston, S.C., unveiling Boeing's new 787 "Dreamliner," he congratulated Boeing for building the whole plane "right here" in South Carolina. It's pure fantasy. I'll let you know why in a moment. Mr. Trump also used the...

  • Horsey: Donald Trump's wounds are all self-inflicted

    Horsey: Donald Trump's wounds are all self-inflicted

    When Barack Obama came into office, George W. Bush left him with two wars and an economy teetering on the brink of colossal disaster. Eight years later, Mr. Obama handed off to Donald Trump a country with challenges, but no immediate crises looming. Less than a month after taking office, though,...