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Frosh for attorney general

Much of the day-to-day work of Maryland's attorney general involves managing a legion of attorneys who provide counsel and legal advice to state government agencies large and small and to various boards and commissions. Nonetheless, the job is not to serve the governor or his administration but...

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  • Maryland needs more sunshine

    When legislation passes the Maryland General Assembly unanimously, it usually means that it doesn't do much aside from make lawmakers look good. Such was the case with House Bill 658, which started life as an effort to make state government more transparent and was ultimately reduced to...

  • Baltimore County endorsements
    Baltimore County endorsements

    42nd District

  • Preparing for Ebola
    Preparing for Ebola

    The policy announced yesterday by Gov. Martin O’Malley, health secretary Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein and the state’s major hospitals doesn’t call for barring entry to travelers from the affected region, nor does it mandate locking up health care workers in hastily improvised...

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  • Dirty tricks show how Brown would govern if elected
    Dirty tricks show how Brown would govern if elected

    In re-reading your less-than-enthusiastic endorsement of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for governor, I was shocked by your claim that "Mr. Brown is well versed in all aspects of state government," coming as it did after an earlier passage in which you pointed out "the strikingly...

  • Unaccountable police are a threat to democracy
    Unaccountable police are a threat to democracy

    If City Solicitor George Nilson is correct in saying that the City Council can't issue a legal requirement that the police conduct themselves in a certain way, the BCPD would represent a private armed force accountable only to the mayor ("City solicitor calls police body camera bill...

  • Controlled, cautious leadership?
    Controlled, cautious leadership?

    I read with great interest and more than a bit of disbelief columnist Jules Witcover's attempt to describe President Barack Obama's leadership style as "controlled and cautious" in the face of public concern over Ebola ("Old Obama magic elusive," Oct. 27).

  • Following Mizeur's lead
    Following Mizeur's lead

    Del. Heather Mizeur deserves thanks for an articulate commentary ("Mizeur: Don't write me in for governor," Oct. 28). I now know how to vote next week.

  • Baltimore exceeds expectations
    Baltimore exceeds expectations

    An interesting collection of articles appeared in the Friday, Oct. 31 edition of The Sun each saying something positive about living in our state and city. What a welcome break from the negative doomsday discussions about life in a place we call home. They included Dan Rodricks column...

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