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  • Haley's comment

    Haley's comment

    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley recently offered an assessment of what's happening in Baltimore that requires a response. In an address to the National Press Club in Washington this week, she suggested that the Black Lives Matter movement protesting police misconduct was endangering black lives...

  • Lowery's legacy

    During her three years as state superintendent of schools, Lillian Lowery guided Maryland through a period of rapid and often tumultuous change with a steady hand and a clear-eyed appreciation of the challenges facing educators, parents and students. Ms. Lowery, who unexpectedly resigned her post...

  • The cost of unequal justice

    Why are African-Americans sentenced on average to significantly longer prison terms than whites convicted of similar crimes? Members of a Maryland panel charged with recommending reforms to the state's criminal justice system aim to find out, and if they succeed the result could not only lower...

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  • Pope Francis catches up with God on abortion

    Regarding your story "Pope to allow priests to absolve abortion in holy year," Sept. 3), I'm so glad the Pope is on board, because God has been forgiving abortions since the first one occurred.

  • The victims of violence

    The victims of violence

    Regarding your recent front-page reports on the victims of violence — one on the Freddie Gray case, the other of the 45 murder victims in July — as mind-boggling as these stories were, my first thought was that "black lives matter," "all lives matter" no matter how they were killed or by whom.

  • Let teachers teach, not test

    Let teachers teach, not test

    In the recent commentary by Betty Weller and Elizabeth Ysla Leight ("Less testing, more learning," Sept. 1), the authors observe that "students spend an excessive amount of time taking and preparing for standardized tests." In fact, they relate in Carroll County "tests were scheduled for all but...

  • Have we grown numb to the deaths of our fellow citizens?

    Have we grown numb to the deaths of our fellow citizens?

    The Sun cover story that profiled the 45 people murdered in July enabled readers to see that behind the statistics were real people, most of whom had families and friends who loved them, and some of whom died simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time ("45 murders in 31 days...

  • Marilyn Mosby is just another grandstanding politician

    Marilyn Mosby is just another grandstanding politician

    I have several points of disagreement with letter writer Kweisi Mfume's recent assessment of Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby ("Mfume: Sun is too quick to judge Mosby," Aug. 28).

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