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Baltimore will unite post Freddie Gray

Baltimore, a city that prides itself on charm and grace, is now in the national spotlight because of its prolonged failure to live up to those aspirations in the treatment of its citizens.

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  • Decry the looters — but also abusive police

    How can you be mad at those who loot and riot but at the same time not be upset with the police of this country ("Baltimore descends into chaos, violence, looting," April 27)? How can we not expect this to become a widespread pandemic when the people designated to protect us are killing us? When...

  • SRB for Senate? Not after Monday night

    Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake can kiss the U.S. Senate goodbye ("Mayor: City didn't purposely allow crimes Saturday during protest," April 29). She displayed a total lack of leadership, a total lack of integrity, a total lack of common sense, a total lack of character. She is a pathetic embarrassment...

  • Educational system has failed Baltimore's youth

    As a seasoned educator, I feel that we have failed some of our youth and police officers in Baltimore. Is education the solution? Perhaps. Certainly, we need to examine what our children are being presented in our school system.

Readers Respond

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  • Clean-up needed beyond the streets
    Clean-up needed beyond the streets

    A lesson learned from childhood was that when you make a mess, you clean it. I understand that some responsible parties did just that in the earnest community clean up on Tuesday ("Baltimore communities cleaning up after riots," April 28). That was the visible material mess. What about the more...

  • Here's to mayor, mother and use of 'thug'
    Here's to mayor, mother and use of 'thug'

    In response to a few published comments regarding recent protest activities ("Six officers charged in death of Freddie Gray," May 1), I would point out that yes, looters and rock-throwers are thugs. No apologies are necessary. Protesters are not thugs.

  • Mosby stands tall
    Mosby stands tall

    In my 65 years of living in Baltimore, I have never been more impressed with an elected official than I was when watching State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby speaking about the indictments her office executed against the six Baltimore City police officers who were involved in the arrest and transport...

  • Blessed are the peacemakers
    Blessed are the peacemakers

    "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." If at present major gangs are peacemakers, then at present surely they shall be called the children of God ("Baltimore mayor says gangs can help quell Freddie Gray unrest," April 30). If the police will also act as peacemakers,...

  • Trade skills needed in Baltimore
    Trade skills needed in Baltimore

    I would like to see big corporations like McDonald's or Microsoft and sports figures help rebuild West Baltimore. Turn the area into a village, with houses, mom and pop stores, parks, doctors' offices, a vocational school to teach plumbing, plastering, hair dressing, sewing, etc. in addition to...

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