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In defense of science

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march in Washington, D.C., today to celebrate and defend science — at a time when many believe that science does, in fact, need defending. President Trump's budget proposal cuts 31 percent from the Environmental Protection Agency, slashes the Department...

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  • Children conceived without consent

    Providing women the right to ask a court to terminate the parenting rights of someone who fathered a child through rape ought to be a pretty easy call for a General Assembly that claims to care about victims of crime. And, indeed, a majority of lawmakers this year supported such legislation, which...

  • Burning a Trump sign is not a hate crime

    To be clear, we condemn vandalism, arson and destruction of property in general, and particularly when those acts are aimed at curtailing someone's right to free speech. The burning of a pro-Donald Trump sign in Princess Anne (along with the evident collateral damage to a Kathy Szeliga sign and...

  • Alternative fact of the week: The misdirected aircraft carrier

    Alternative fact of the week: The misdirected aircraft carrier

    A few weeks ago, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was in a lather about Susan Rice, the Obama administration national security adviser and long-time Republican punching bag, demanding to know why the press wasn't going after the story of her "unmasking" of Trump aides caught up in wiretap...

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  • Spare others the loss I suffered because of a careless driver

    Recently, a fundamental safety conversation was held across the country as Maryland hosted the observance of National Work Zone Awareness Week to promote public awareness of work zone hazards, encourage motorists to drive cautiously through work zones and commemorate lives lost in work zone crashes....

  • Trump's failures shouldn't be glossed over

    Trump's failures shouldn't be glossed over

    A reader takes The Sun to task for favoring Democrats and refusing to acknowledge that President Donald Trump has done anything that warrants praise ("GOP can't catch a break in the Sun," April 19). I, for one, admire the Sun and its fair and unbiased treatment of the news. Exactly what has our...

  • Trump's actions judged too harshly

    Trump's actions judged too harshly

    How disingenuous it is that so many people have such contempt for President Donald Trump and basically condemn him for actions taken against Syria, etc ("Military decisions shouldn't be made on impulse," April 20). If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, she would have done the very same...

  • Police applicants and the pot standard

    Police applicants and the pot standard

    Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis has implemented a new ruling that bars hiring of any prospective officer who has smoked marijuana in the past three years. There is no explanation as to how this standard was determined ("Maryland regulators ease restrictions on past marijuana use by prospective...

  • Worrisome war of words

    Worrisome war of words

    What really scares me about that now oft-repeated warning from the Trump administration that "all options are on the table" ("Pence warns North Korea: 'The sword stands ready,'" April 19), especially regarding North Korea, is that one of those options could be stupidity. Herman M. Heyn, Baltimore

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