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Maryland Voices

Mental health prescription?

Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers and other mental health care practitioners rejoice: It appears a lot of elected officials, including a remarkable number of conservatives, have your back. Since last week's shooting at Umpqua Community College that left 10 dead, there has...

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  • What's possible for Afghanistan?

    What's possible for Afghanistan?

    The unintentional U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan over the weekend was a terrible tragedy that highlighted the problems facing the American commanders attempting to support local Afghan government troops against a growing Taliban insurgency. The attack killed 22 people, including 12...

  • Gun control works

    Gun control works

    State Attorney General Brian Frosh is calling on other states to enact the kind of strict handgun purchasing laws that Maryland adopted in 2013. Mr. Frosh says Maryland's new law is making it harder for criminals to purchase guns and that it would be even more effective if it weren't so easy for...

  • Dr. Wen, prescriber- in-chief

    Dr. Wen, prescriber- in-chief

    At a time when deaths from drug overdoses are rising nationally, Baltimore City has seen more such fatalities than any other jurisdiction in Maryland. Last year, 303 people died in Baltimore from drug overdoses, most of them involving opiates, comprising nearly a third of all such deaths statewide....

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  • Gun registry offers hope

    Gun registry offers hope

    Opponents of stricter and more consistent gun laws point out that many of the most horrific recent gun attacks have been done with legally registered weapons. Wouldn't it make sense to use vigilant gun registry as a way to determine the number and kind of weapons being purchased by an individual...

  • Lives in the shadow of gun violence

    Lives in the shadow of gun violence

    Gunplay in Baltimore has recently morphed from the ridiculous to the unthinkable ("Stray bullets again strike bystanders in city," Oct. 5). Last weekend a nine-year-old was struck by a bullet; thankfully the victim's wound was not life-threatening. I suppose we should thank a higher authority for...

  • Lift the oil export ban

    Lift the oil export ban

    Continuing the prohibition on U.S. crude oil exports is not a wise or effective policy to combat global carbon emissions or climate change, as a recent letter writer suggests ("Keep ban on crude oil exports," Sept. 30). Exporting U.S. oil to allies and trading partners will not increase the global...

  • Gun control won't work

    Gun control won't work

    In your editorial on gun control ("Gun control works," Oct. 5), you once again referenced selective use of statistics to try to prove your biased opinion. It is nice to reference Connecticut, but what about Baltimore and Chicago? These are two areas with the most stringent gun laws and the highest...

  • Don't just blame the NRA for gun deaths — do something

    Don't just blame the NRA for gun deaths — do something

    There is one main reason why the National Rifle Association succeeds in blocking reasonable gun legislation ("Politicize the Oregon deaths," Oct. 2). And that's because members of Congress won't stand up to them. And why won't they do so? Because they know who is voting for them — the gun crazies....

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  • Putin cutting Obama down to size

    Putin cutting Obama down to size

    If the humiliation of the Obama administration continues at this rate, you should soon expect to see Secretary of State John Kerry on all fours at the United Nations, getting paddled by the Russian foreign minister and shouting, "Thank you, comrade! May I have another?" Last Monday, President Obama...

  • We need cops with people skills

    We need cops with people skills

    What can I do? Not quite six months ago, a reader named Tracy posed that question to me, and I, in turn, posed it to you. Tracy, a 55-year-old white woman from Austin, said she was sick of hearing about unarmed African-American men being injured or killed by police. "What can be done?" she asked....

  • To replace Boehner, why not Newt Gingrich for speaker?

    To replace Boehner, why not Newt Gingrich for speaker?

    Almost exactly seven years ago, House Speaker John Boehner said of the Wall Street bailout bill, "I think this thing is a crap sandwich" — but he'd vote for it anyway. I remarked at the time, "It's crap sandwiches for as far as the eye can see" — and I was right. Mr. Boehner finally had his fill...

  • Bob Iger for president?

    Bob Iger for president?

    Early in Donald Trump's time on NBC's The Apprentice, I wrote a column for The New York Times wondering why the network had cast someone with such a spotty business record (especially from the perspective of his casino shareholders) in the role of successful business tycoon. Mr. Trump called me...

  • John Boehner: Then and Now

    John Boehner: Then and Now

    The announcement by House Speaker John Boehner that he is retiring at the end of October stunned Washington where life is all about grabbing power and holding on to it, often until death they do part. At a meeting with reporters, Mr. Boehner said, "My first job as speaker is to protect the institution."...