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Compromise needed at Northwood Plaza

It's not unusual for big redevelopment projects to run into opposition that no one quite saw coming. That's what seems to have happened to Morgan State University's ambitious plan to revitalize a dilapidated shopping center adjacent to its northeast Baltimore campus. The school had hoped to build...

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  • Can an optimist win?

    Can an optimist win?

    While the biggest headlines coming out of the New Hampshire primary were reserved — and deservedly so — for Sen. Bernie Sanders who trounced Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump who similarly ran away from his competitors in the GOP field, attention must be paid to the surprising...

  • New Hampshire's nay-sayers

    New Hampshire's nay-sayers

    The New Hampshire primary can be cruel — just ask supporters of the late Sen. Edmund Muskie whose 1972 campaign for president was undone by a speech he made outside the offices of the Manchester Union-Leader. On Tuesday, Granite State voters get a chance to punch above their Lilliputian weight...

  • That $10 fee on oil is a good idea

    That $10 fee on oil is a good idea

    With gas prices in the United States near historic 40-year lows when measured in 2016 dollars and the nation's transportation infrastructure rated no higher than a D-plus, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, one would think now is exactly the right time for a massive new investment...

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  • Women have good reason to favor Sanders

    I would respectfully suggest that young women don't "just go with Hillary because she is a woman" because that by itself is a dumb reason to vote for anybody ("Young women just don't get it," Feb. 9). I can say with delight and admiration that the young women I have seen who are working for Sen....

  • Remembering the victims of gun violence

    Last week Sabrina Kelly and Eric Dorsey were both shot and killed — two Baltimoreans who lost their lives, leaving two families stricken with heartache and two communities bearing the weight of a loved one's loss ("Baltimore police say violent crash, triple shooting in Fells Point bar unrelated,"...

  • Harford students need to discover the city

    It may be tempting for some to think of Harford County schools' just-lifted ban on field trips to Baltimore City as a racist overreaction to the unrest following Freddie Gray's death last April ("Harford schools lift ban on trips to city," Feb. 9). More likely, it was born of discomfort with the...

  • Don't raise the tax on oil

    How myopic The Sun's editorial board and some readers are about gasoline prices. One day it is a call to cancel oil leases off the coast, another it is to add $10 to a barrel of oil ("That $10 fee on oil is a good idea," Feb. 7). Yes, $10 seems quite tolerable today, but if you take a look at the...

  • Sanders gets things done

    In June of 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders was at 11 percent in national polling. On Tuesday, Senator Sanders won 60 percent of the New Hampshire primary vote ("After New Hampshire, candidates face new ground amid reshuffled races," Feb. 10). Hillary Clinton managed only 38 percent. Now who's "a progressive...

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  • Ted Cruz embraces apocalyptic preachers and anti-gay militants

    Ted Cruz embraces apocalyptic preachers and anti-gay militants

    No question, the contestants for the Republican presidential nomination are a very conservative bunch, but there is something that sets Texas Sen. Ted Cruz apart from the pack: his endorsements from some of the Religious Right's kookiest voices. Where the 2008 GOP nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain,...

  • Hillary's Iowa 'win' is a big loss for Democrats

    Hillary's Iowa 'win' is a big loss for Democrats

    Hillary Clinton's asterisk-heavy victory in Iowa might have been the narrowest of wins for her, but it was arguably the worst of all possible outcomes for the Democratic Party. As of this writing, the result was a statistical tie, 49.9 percent for Ms. Clinton and 49.6 percent for Bernie Sanders....

  • Can sitcoms erase bigotry?

    Can sitcoms erase bigotry?

    So it turns out sitcoms can erase bigotry. That's the bottom line of a study recently presented before a conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. And it doesn't even have to be a particularly good sitcom. To judge, at least, from a screening of its first two episodes, the...

  • Republicans find welcome message in Iowa caucuses

    Republicans find welcome message in Iowa caucuses

    The rest of the country can thank the voters of Iowa for two outcomes of their first-in-the nation caucuses. They have punctured the alleged inevitability of the presidential nominations of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Each may yet occur, but probably only after a long...

  • Justice for Caroline Small, a small step toward justice for all

    Justice for Caroline Small, a small step toward justice for all

    Last week, a group of church friends held a town hall meeting in Brunswick, Ga. Their purpose is embodied in their name: Justice For Caroline Small. Chances are, you've never heard of her. She was a waitress, a mother of two girls, and a woman with mental health issues who was in and out of drug...