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The endangered pollinators

For those who visit the Maryland State Fair each year, the honey and wax exhibit is always a highlight. A busy hive of bees can be viewed through a plastic window, there's locally-produced honey and candles in a variety of shapes and sizes for sale, and members of the Maryland State Beekeepers...

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  • The danger of climate denial

    The danger of climate denial

    It's Memorial Day, and the forecast is for renewed mocking and derision regarding man-made climate change from the know-nothing, science-averse wing of the Republican Party. President Barack Obama's warning — issued during his commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremonies...

  • Mosby's 'conflicts'

    The heated rhetoric on both sides of the prosecution of officers involved in Freddie Gray's death has intensified in recent days, with their attorneys calling for State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to be replaced by a special prosecutor and with her office firing back in court briefs. Given the passions...

  • Capitalizing on Harriet

    Capitalizing on Harriet

    In case you missed it, Harriet Tubman has suddenly gotten hot. Call it what you will, but she's trending, she's page view bait, she's tweet-able, which is the best kind of hot these days. Not bad for an escaped slave from Dorchester County and courageous Underground Railroad pioneer who would have...

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  • Hogan sells families short

    Hogan sells families short

    Gov. Larry Hogan finally was able to have a "triumphant" moment when he unilaterally lowered tolls that will cost the Maryland Transportation Authority $54 million per year in funding that could have been used to rehabilitate our infrastructure or plan, design and build new infrastructure ("What...

  • Hogan's misplaced priorities

    Hogan's misplaced priorities

    I am disappointed with Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to withhold $68 million in school funding that the General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to use to help our students ("Hogan funds pensions, but nothing more for schools," May 15).

  • Md. farmers need trade authority

    Md. farmers need trade authority

    Right now, Congress is considering Trade Promotion Authority legislation that will help U.S. negotiators finalize pending trade deals with other countries ("Fast-track's Senate stall," May 13).

  • Hogan's folly

    Hogan's folly

    When rioting broke out in Baltimore City last month, Gov. Larry Hogan rushed to move his office to the city to show how much he "cares" about what goes on here.

  • A life saved by the kindness of strangers

    A life saved by the kindness of strangers

    I was driving out Reisterstown Road Tuesday when a saw a turtle trying to cross the road in all that traffic. He had made it across my double lane, and a car in the other lane stopped as the turtle crept along. But a truck was approaching on his inside right.

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