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Student debt is the issue

Given the projected $500 million gap Gov. Larry Hogan had to bridge between state spending and tax revenues in Maryland — and his commitment to not raising taxes to do it — providing extra money for public colleges was surely not an easy call. Yet Mr. Hogan made it last week, and he deserves credit...

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  • Howard needs a timeout

    Howard needs a timeout

    By most any standard, from high test scores to low dropout rates, the Howard County Public School System is among the best, if not the absolute finest, school system in Maryland. Even Montgomery County with all its per capita terminal degrees and spare-no-expense attitude toward public education...

  • The threat of fire

    The threat of fire

    The early morning two-alarm fire that left six children dead as well as seriously injuring an adult and three other children in the Cedmont neighborhood of Northeast Baltimore likely horrified the most stalwart among us. Even in a city that witnesses its share of tragedy and senseless death on...

  • Hogan's shrewd agenda

    Hogan's shrewd agenda

    The General Assembly convened yesterday for the third legislative session of Gov. Larry Hogan's term, and the Republican appears to be coming armed with fiendishly clever strategy for driving the Democrats who dominate the House and Senate crazy: Act like one of them. Here's a sampling of what...

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  • Trump undeserving of respect

    Trump undeserving of respect

    We need to thank Rep. John Lewis for having the courage he has shown before in saying what needed to be said. How many times have we heard the same words about an illegitimate president from Trump supporters about Barack Obama ("After feuding with civil rights leader John Lewis, Trump meets with...

  • Blame Foose, not school board

    Blame Foose, not school board

    The editorial, "Howard needs a timeout" (Jan. 17), suggests that conflict resolution sessions could help solve problems between the Howard County Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Renee Foose. On the surface, that solution sounds reasonable, except that the superintendent has...

  • Transferring programs to Morgan won't work

    In the lawsuit on college programs at the historically black colleges, the plaintiffs' lawyer was quoted in The Sun of Jan. 9 as saying: "If you have a program at Morgan, there is really no reason to have the exact same program at Towson or UMBC" ("Decade-long legal battle to scrub segregation...

  • When the circus was at Pimlico

    When the circus was at Pimlico

    With the news of the impending closing and demise of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus this spring ("The big top comes down: Ringling Bros. circus is closing," Jan. 16), the memories of my early encounters with the circus come to the fore. I grew up in Pimlico. In the '30s, the circuses...

  • The Manchurian Trump

    The Manchurian Trump

    If a foreign country, say Russia, for instance, were able to create a mole in order to infiltrate our government at the highest possible level, that mole would behave pretty much like President-elect Donald Trump ("Democrats press FBI to investigate Trump-Russia ties," Jan. 13). He would sow discord...

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  • Rachel Marsden: Golden Globes ceremony underscores Hollywood's waning influence

    Rachel Marsden: Golden Globes ceremony underscores Hollywood's waning influence

    During this month's Golden Globes ceremony in posh Beverly Hills, Calif. celebrities preached diversity and tolerance, some of them subtly or not-so-subtly denouncing U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Hollywood has traditionally been an important force for America around the world, a "soft power"...

  • Goldberg: Obama's farewell address a campaign rally in disguise

    Goldberg: Obama's farewell address a campaign rally in disguise

    Barack Obama formally ended his presidency the way he came in, talking to adoring fans about how lucky we are to have him in our lives. Indeed, given the hand-wringing over how Mr. Obama's successor is all about entertainment and theatrics, it was somewhere between ironic and absurd to watch the...

  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Dear Michelle Obama

    Leonard Pitts Jr.: Dear Michelle Obama

    Dear Michelle Obama: This is just a note to say that I think you're gorgeous. I'll thank you not to share that with your husband, given that I have no desire to open my door and find a predator drone waiting for me. Or, worse, an IRS auditor. And yes, as a 21st-century U.S. male, I am well aware...

  • Cal Thomas: Not so Golden Globes

    Cal Thomas: Not so Golden Globes

    Meryl Streep has played many roles in her long career and holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations of any actor. Among her portrayals was British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. At the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, Ms. Streep behaved as if she actually had been elected to high...

  • Witcover: Repeal-and-delay won't work for GOP on Obamacare

    Witcover: Repeal-and-delay won't work for GOP on Obamacare

    In the congressional Republicans' rush to put some meat on the bones of the president-elect's pledge to bury Obamacare, they've already found themselves out of the starting gate without another horse to ride. After trying about 60 times to repeal the retiring president's health-insurance law, the...