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Men, their sons and their lawns

Along with eye color and a knack for rolling your tongue, an obsession with the grass around your house is hereditary, I have learned. It is also, apparently, a sex-linked gene, because no little girl has ever been born wanting to mow the lawn.

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  • Mosby's 'conflicts'

    The heated rhetoric on both sides of the prosecution of officers involved in Freddie Gray's death has intensified in recent days, with their attorneys calling for State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to be replaced by a special prosecutor and with her office firing back in court briefs. Given the passions...

  • Capitalizing on Harriet

    Capitalizing on Harriet

    In case you missed it, Harriet Tubman has suddenly gotten hot. Call it what you will, but she's trending, she's page view bait, she's tweet-able, which is the best kind of hot these days. Not bad for an escaped slave from Dorchester County and courageous Underground Railroad pioneer who would have...

  • Who will stand up to the violence?

    Who will stand up to the violence?

    Baltimore's Western Police District, the part of town where 25-year-old Freddie Gray was fatally injured following his arrest in April and where the subsequent protests and violence were centered, has seen nearly as many murders so far this year as it did in all of 2014. Of the 95 homicides so...

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  • Is The Sun out to make Clinton look bad?

    Is The Sun out to make Clinton look bad?

    The Sun printed a less than endearing photograph of Hillary Rodham Clinton to accompany an article regarding her releasing her emails to the public ("Clinton urges speedy release of her emails," May 20).

  • Metrics of Baltimore's distress

    Metrics of Baltimore's distress

    Reading your paper lately has become quite depressing. Perhaps you could start publishing a front-page table showing the number of people shot to death each day, plus the number of heroin overdose deaths and the number of infants delivered in the city's hospitals.

  • Hogan targets the arts

    Hogan targets the arts

    Since 1979, the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts has been a uniquely valuable community resource — as an arts education center for all ages, as a performing arts space for many genres, and as a home for the resident artists and arts companies that contribute so much to the life of Annapolis.

  • Transit can save motorists more than reduced tolls

    Transit can save motorists more than reduced tolls

    Gov. Larry Hogan's recent toll reductions ("What price for lower tolls?" May 7) may be politically popular, but it's not the most effective or sustainable way to reduce the cost of transportation for Maryland families.

  • Mosby has handled the Gray case well so far

    Mosby has handled the Gray case well so far

    Commentators Steven H. Levin and Jason M. Weinstein call on Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to conduct a full and fair grand jury investigation of the Freddie Gray case, but they seem to have already conducted their own investigation and dismissed all charges against the officers...

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