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Maryland Voices

Finding lessons to learn from Md.'s health exchange

Perhaps the most troubling thing about the fiscal audit of the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange that legislative auditors released Friday is that the problems they found — violations of procurement policies for single-source and emergency contracts, failures to verify that the work it paid for...

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  • BPW is the wrong venue for local disputes

    BPW is the wrong venue for local disputes

    Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp was right to express discomfort with the Board of Public Works' action to inject itself into whether Baltimore County can sell the North Point Government Center to a private developer ("Local business," Oct. 9). The BPW, which admittedly has many faces as it deals with thousands...

  • Hogan 'unbeatable'? Not in Maryland

    Hogan 'unbeatable'? Not in Maryland

    Nothing could be more energizing for Maryland Democrats than knowing The Baltimore Sun thinks we are the underdog ("Is Gov. Hogan unbeatable?" Oct. 5). We have been written off before. Folks said we were finished after the 2002 election. GOP operatives started planning to pick off 14 Democrats...

  • UM's new partner in the arts

    The partnership announced this week between the University of Maryland and the Phillips Collection in Washington is one of those happy institutional marriages that brings substantial benefits to both partners. It's also a testament to the vision and adventurous spirit of College Park President...

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  • When will Congress 'insure domestic tranquillity?'

    As someone who came to this country through a special program provided by the U.S. Congress to educate young Germans about democracy, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. history, etc., I am utterly dismayed by the inaction of Congress to address crime and approve a federal budget. I am saddened about the...

  • Registering guns wouldn't help

    In her uninformed letter to the editor, Clarinda Harriss ("Gun registry offers hope," Oct. 8) claims that "many of the most horrific recent gun attacks have been done with legally registered weapons." She is quite mistaken and this is flat-out incorrect. In fact, almost none of them were registered....

  • Confronted by an attacker, what would you do?

    The media excoriated Ben Carson for suggesting he would attack a shooter to prevent mass killings like the one that occurred in Oregon recently ("Ben Carson defends his comment on mass shootings," Oct. 7). Yet they seem to forget the actions taken aboard a train in France a few weeks earlier, when...

  • Cooking the books on student test scores

    At a 2014 meeting of parents and educators in Gulfport, Miss., Common Core supporters had good reason to smile. Gulfport's' students had gone from a 23 average to almost a 25 in the four years since the new standards were implemented, Superintendent Glen East declared. Students had made such significant...

  • Why witnesses don't talk to police

    Why witnesses don't talk to police

    Having read your editorial on mass shootings and the refusal of residents to help police find those responsible, I'm not sure you are on the right track ("Mass shootings in our midst," Oct. 7). Here's why: First, there's a huge cultural and socio-economic difference between what happens in Baltimore...

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  • The 'new' Hillary

    The 'new' Hillary

    Hillary Clinton is borrowing from Richard Nixon, a man she worked to impeach while a staff member of the House Judiciary Committee in the early 1970s. Like Nixon, whose handlers successfully fooled a majority of voters by trotting out a "new Nixon" after his election defeats in 1960 and 1962, Hillary...

  • Should Biden run?

    Should Biden run?

    When presidential nominees are asked about selecting a running mate, the answer almost always is: The choice should be the person most qualified to become president if fate or circumstance were to so dictate. The first two vice presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, fit that description....

  • Bush family's war on English

    Bush family's war on English

    And the Bush family's War on English continues. You are, by now, familiar with the astonishingly tone-deaf response by Jeb Bush, the nation's would-be 45th president, to last week's shooting at a community college in Oregon in which a gunman killed nine people. "Look," said Mr. Bush, "stuff happens."...

  • Bernie Sanders and the free market

    Bernie Sanders and the free market

    Crass distortions of the choices facing the nation sometimes come masked in the media as "political analysis." But whatever they're called, they can't be allowed to stand. Such was the Washington Post's front-page piece last week, ostensibly an analysis of the policies proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders...

  • Raw politics drives GOP probes of Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

    Raw politics drives GOP probes of Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

     It was nice of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to clarify that a primary goal of the Republicans' never-ending investigations into the Benghazi terror attack was to do damage to the leading Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. Now, if he would just acknowledge that the current...