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Infrastructure is key to U.S. energy future

Federal, state and local officials are typically ready to find the money required to fix problems when it comes to highway infrastructure. As a former governor, I know this is good politics. Infrastructure creates jobs, and people appreciate tangible improvements to highways and bridges. Here,...

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  • No time for complacency

    Since the virus that causes AIDS was first identified in the 1980s, researchers have discovered a range of effective treatments that have turned what was once a virtual death sentence into a manageable chronic illness. People can now live for years with the disease, but that progress has come at...

  • A win for fair housing

    A win for fair housing

    The Supreme Court handed the Obama administration an unexpected but welcome victory this month in a case involving housing bias. The court upheld a long-standing precedent that the policies and practices followed by governments, lenders and others that have the effect of disproportionately harming...

  • Md.'s road to independence

    Md.'s road to independence

    Within months of the first shots of what was to become America's Revolutionary War, Maryland mustered troops to join the Continental Army and help newly appointed general George Washington drive the British from Boston. But the willingness to support the armed struggle did not correspond with an...

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  • Don't do to the Pratt what Baltimore did to Penn Station

    Don't do to the Pratt what Baltimore did to Penn Station

    I read the article about the $114 million renovation to the Cathedral Avenue Enoch Pratt Library with great trepidation ("Baltimore's Enoch Pratt's central library to get first major renovation," July 5)! Immediately I thought of the horrors bestowed upon our gorgeous train station. I was commuting...

  • The rest of the state needs a say in running Baltimore

    The rest of the state needs a say in running Baltimore

    Now that the lid's blown off, it's time to think Baltimore City out of the tinderbox ("Could a state property tax cap stimulate Baltimore's economy?" July 2).

  • A new bus service to replace the Red Line?

    A new bus service to replace the Red Line?

    If city leaders want to see the Red Line built they really don't have to look too far to find the answer ("City leaders remain dedicated to fighting for Red Line," July 1).

  • Red Line benefits ignored

    Red Line benefits ignored

    Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to cancel the Red Line light rail project after over 10 years of hard work and $288 million in tax dollars spent was a shocker for sure ("Hogan goes off the tracks," June 25). We have to ask exactly what kind of analysis did he do?

  • Treat Lee and Jackson as veterans

    Treat Lee and Jackson as veterans

    Confederate soldiers are legal veterans under U.S. law, and shouldn't this apply to the statue of Confederate veterans Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson ("Status of Confederate statues to be reviewed in Baltimore," June 30)?

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