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The road to 10,000 families

The fact that the Census Bureau estimates a slight decline in Baltimore's population in the year that ended July 1, 2014, isn't the death knell of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's ambitious goal to attract 10,000 families to the city in a decade. The yearly estimates are just that —...

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  • Hero or traitor?

    In every war there are inevitably soldiers who are captured, kidnapped or otherwise taken prisoner by the enemy. Some become POWs due to circumstances beyond their control while others behave in ways that, for whatever reason, seem to deliberately invite their capture. We don't know which...

  • City schools' self-inflicted wound
    City schools' self-inflicted wound

    The Sun's report this week that Baltimore City school employees were paid $46 million last year in accrued leave, bonuses, overtime and other benefits is an embarrassment that couldn't come at a more inopportune moment. The department is already facing a $72 million budget deficit next year,...

  • Detente at City Hall
    Detente at City Hall

    Let's have three cheers for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Comptroller Joan Pratt for coming to an agreement on a plan to move forward with the modernization of the city government's telephone system — one for each year that has been wasted in their pointless, petulant feud. The two...

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  • Why should I be taxed to subsidize polluters?
    Why should I be taxed to subsidize polluters?

    I have always acted in an environmentally sound way in how I treat rainwater. I have never owned a house where rain water left my property. Why should I be taxed to subsidize polluters ("Miller storm-water fee bill advances in Senate," March 19)?

  • Md. ignores teen cancer risk
    Md. ignores teen cancer risk

    By rejecting state Sen. Jamie Raskin's bill to make tanning-salon ultraviolet ray machines off-limits to minors, the Senate's Finance Committee has put itself at odds with every major national and state medical group to look at the issue, including the American Academy of Dermatology, the...

  • Under Armour should be proud to say 'Made in the USA'
    Under Armour should be proud to say 'Made in the USA'

    I wholeheartedly agree with columnist Dan Rodricks' plea for Under Armour to manufacture its products in the U.S. ("For Under Armour, why not 'UA Made in the USA'?" March 21).

  • Christianity and freedom
    Christianity and freedom

    I am sorry Thomas Jandl of Towson feels stifled by the Judeo-Christian principles America was founded upon ("Conservatism's contradictions," March 25).

  • Ending mandatory sentencing is smart public policy
    Ending mandatory sentencing is smart public policy

    Ending mandatory sentencing policies for second-time drug dealers is a step in the right direction — and one I hope my own state of Virginia will follow ("House votes to drop mandatory terms for 2nd-time drug dealers," March 23).

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