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Why Freddie Gray ran

We don't need four investigations to answer what may be the most consequential questions posed by the events leading up to Freddie Gray's death: Why did police approach him on April 12, why did he run, and why did they chase him? The outcome of that encounter was a tragic injustice of the sort...

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  • Sobering view of binge drinking

    Some years ago in the long-running animated TV show, "The Simpsons," Homer Simpson offered a simple toast that accurately captures modern sentiments toward drinking as well as any we've heard. "Here's to alcohol," he says lifting his mug of beer to a crowd. "The cause of, and solution to, all of...

  • The Mideast's new reality
    The Mideast's new reality

    The multiple wars roiling the Middle East have rarely made for stranger bedfellows than the U.S. and Iran, which unexpectedly now find themselves backing opposite sides in some conflicts while simultaneously working hand-in-hand against mutual foes in others. Not surprisingly, neither country is...

  • Crisis in the Mediterranean
    Crisis in the Mediterranean

    After hundreds of migrants trying to reach Italy drowned last Sunday when their rickety vessel capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, it's no longer possible to ignore the humanitarian disaster unfolding on Europe's southern flank. This year at least 900 refugees from Africa and the Middle East have...

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  • Common-sense legislation on undocumented workers

    Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa recently introduced legislation that would require employers to verify the eligibility of people to work in the U.S.

  • Even presidents must obey the law
    Even presidents must obey the law

    Regarding Loretta Lynch's nomination for attorney general, I could care less whether she represents "a historic first for the nation" or what race she is ("The Senate's Loretta Lynch debacle," April 22).

  • The U.S. must help Europe cope with its influx of migrants
    The U.S. must help Europe cope with its influx of migrants

    It's time the U.S. pitched in to help Europe with its "Mediterranean crisis" ("Crisis in the Mediterranean," April 22).

  • Say no to Pratt Street Plaza
    Say no to Pratt Street Plaza

    The article, "A makeover for Pratt Street plaza" (April 23), proves that the general public has almost no say in what happens in their city. A New York-based company "helped develop the plans" for tearing out the McKeldin Fountain (an oasis of softly falling water and nothing for sale) with the...

  • Don't profile the police
    Don't profile the police

    I watch the news with great concern these days. It is not OK to persecute someone because they wear a hoodie or have low-hanging pants. It is also not OK to persecute someone because they wear a police uniform.

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