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'One American family'

It was predictable that President Barack Obama would get slammed for speaking at the Islamic Society of Baltimore this week. The president's critics have taken the position that whatever Mr. Obama does must be wrong, including things Republicans themselves have done. President George W. Bush visited...

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  • Mayor's race on the issues: Property taxes

    With the field now set for Baltimore's mayoral primaries, candidates have begun issuing detailed proposals on the issues facing the city. As they do, we will provide occasional analysis of the pros and cons of their ideas, starting with plans to cut property taxes by Councilmen Nick Mosby and Carl...

  • How will Howard County react to racism?

    How will Howard County react to racism?

    Tuesday's protest at Mount Hebron High School in Howard County was perhaps the most heartening development to date in what has been a most dispiriting racial episode. More than 150 students walked out of class on their own accord to protest a now-infamous 30-second vulgarity of a video that popped...

  • Baltimore's 'ghost students'

    Baltimore's 'ghost students'

    School officials are still trying to figure out why enrollment in Baltimore public schools appears to have unexpectedly dropped after years of growth. With fewer students attending classes the schools could lose up to $30 million in state and city funding pegged to per-pupil spending. Investigators...

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  • Anesthesiologist assistants in Md.

    It is unfortunate that Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists President Jaqueline C. Mitchell chose to misrepresent the education and qualifications of certified anesthesiologist assistants in a recent letter to the editor ("No room for error in the operating room," Feb. 2). Certified anesthesiologist...

  • Obama's mosque talk was all about the Muslim vote in 2016

    The Sun must think its readers are stupid when it reports that President Obama visited the Baltimore mosque to "counter statements and policies floated by Republican candidates" ("President Obama at Maryland mosque: 'You fit in here,'" Feb. 3). Everyone — Republicans, Democrats and The Sun alike...

  • High-profile trials overshadow most Circuit Court cases

    In Circuit Court, the red carpet was rolled out again for the national media descending on Baltimore to cover the Adnan Syed hearings ("Adnan Syed hearing: Legal expert testifies failure to call alibi witness 'changed the ballgame's result,' Feb. 5). The Syed case, popularized by the "Serial" podcast,...

  • Don't take chances with a concussion

    Regarding your report "Maryland bill would suspend coaches for playing athletes with concussions (Jan. 29), I'd like to correct a reader who assumed that injured students often deny being hurt ("How...

  • Lessons from the big snow

    City officials claim that it took several days to plow some city streets after Winter Storm Jonas simply because we did not have enough snow removal equipment. But this is only part of the reason. The other part is that city government poorly managed equipment it has and the contractors it hired...

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  • Republicans find welcome message in Iowa caucuses

    Republicans find welcome message in Iowa caucuses

    The rest of the country can thank the voters of Iowa for two outcomes of their first-in-the nation caucuses. They have punctured the alleged inevitability of the presidential nominations of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Each may yet occur, but probably only after a long...

  • Justice for Caroline Small, a small step toward justice for all

    Justice for Caroline Small, a small step toward justice for all

    Last week, a group of church friends held a town hall meeting in Brunswick, Ga. Their purpose is embodied in their name: Justice For Caroline Small. Chances are, you've never heard of her. She was a waitress, a mother of two girls, and a woman with mental health issues who was in and out of drug...

  • It takes a movement

    It takes a movement

    In 2008, when then-Sen. Barack Obama promised progressive change if elected president, his primary opponent, then-Sen.Hillary Clinton, derided him. "The skies will open, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing, and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world...

  • The Grand Old Party in crisis

    The Grand Old Party in crisis

    As the Republican Party seeks an electable presidential nominee amid the current reign of public anger and hostility, it seems oblivious to the depth of its internal crisis. The GOP is split in its allegiance and preference between billionaire celebrity Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas....

  • A ludicrous cause claims a pitiful victim

    A ludicrous cause claims a pitiful victim

    The death of Robert LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona rancher who headed north to "liberate" an Oregon wildlife refuge from the United States government, is sad and pitiful. Some of the self-appointed vigilantes who are challenging the right of federal authorities to manage western rangelands and resources...