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Maryland Voices

Better care for less

Any conversation about Maryland's new waiver to Medicare's reimbursement rules can quickly devolve into mind-numbing complexity. But Gary L. Attman, the CEO of FutureCare, can sum up its effect quite simply. He was recently headed to a meeting with a hospital president but arrived late because...

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  • Crunch time for Iran talks

    Crunch time for Iran talks

    Heading into the final stretch of talks over Iran's disputed nuclear program, Secretary of State John Kerry will likely arrive in Vienna over the weekend cautiously hopeful that the U.S. and its allies could reach a final deal with Iran before their self-imposed deadline of June 30. Mr. Kerry has...

  • Freedom to marry

    Freedom to marry

    Same-sex couples have a right to marry in all 50 states, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, and it would be difficult to describe that decision as anything less than a major civil rights victory — a "thunderbolt" moment of social progress as President Barack Obama happily described it. The stirring...

  • A 'Baltimore Compact'

    A 'Baltimore Compact'

    As newly elected head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called on her fellow mayors across the country last week to develop new approaches to the problems facing urban America. The old model of looking to the federal government to set the country's...

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  • Don't wipe out history

    Don't wipe out history

    Your editorial ("Rename the park," June 24) presents a nice history surrounding the naming of Robert E. Lee Park, but falls a little short on both presenting a full historical picture or making an argument to change the name of the park. Robert E. Lee, a graduate of West Point, was also an engineer....

  • Red Line was a boondoggle

    Red Line was a boondoggle

    Dan Rodricks took nearly a half-page in The Sun to express his opinion relative to a "feud" between Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. It seem more like a shot at the governor's economic direction for the State of Maryland relative to transportation ("Hogan, Rawlings-Blake...

  • Hogan leaves Baltimore in gridlock

    Hogan leaves Baltimore in gridlock

    Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to scrap funding for the Red Line fails to recognize the need for improved regional mass transit ("Hogan says no to Red Line, yes to Purple," June 25) While he said "We are not opposed to public transportation," he made no commitment to mass transit in the Baltimore...

  • Razing homeless camps doesn't work

    Razing homeless camps doesn't work

    Anyone else have deja vu when perusing the headlines of The Sun? I refer to this: "Homeless cleared from encampment" (June 27).

  • So long, Susan

    So long, Susan

    Susan Reimer's final column for The Sun brought back a flood of memories ("Susan Reimer signs off," June 25).

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