Port suffers a setback  [Editorial]

Port suffers a setback [Editorial]

While this week's decision to abandon the proposed $95 million intermodal rail facility at the Mount Clare yard in Southwest Baltimore may be regarded as a big victory for neighbors in Morrell Park and elsewhere who strongly opposed it, the decision is a genuine setback for efforts to expand business at the Port of Baltimore. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in recent years to make the port more competitive and reduce shipping costs; the loss of the planned intermodal facility is likely to have the opposite effect.

The sky's the limit  [Editorial]

If all goes well, NASA may soon be renting privately owned spacecraft to fly its astronauts into space. The agency reportedly is just weeks away from announcing...

TV time is now my time [Commentary]

If you are looking for me, I will be binge-watching English mysteries.

Obama needs no more 'red lines' [Commentary]

Obama needs no more 'red lines' [Commentary]

President Obama, in his determination to get American foreign policy off what he has called "a...

Eyes in the sky  [Editorial]

Eyes in the sky [Editorial] 

Police departments in Maryland and across the country are weighing the costs and benefits of using...

Pot as medicine  [Editorial]

Pot as medicine [Editorial] 

A state commission meeting this week to draft rules governing access to medical marijuana by...

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Hobby Lobby: look behind the headlines [Commentary]

Susan Reimer: Hobby Lobby: look behind the headlines [Commentary]

The Greens, the evangelical Christians who own 500 craft shops called Hobby Lobby, aren't the people on whom we should be focusing our anger...

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'Smart' guns are no safer than ordinary firearms [Letter]

Regarding Dan Rodrick's recent column on "smart" guns, Sun readers should know the firearms industry does not oppose the development or marketing of user-authorized smart gun technology; it's the...

Lay off Richard Nixon, you've got Obama to kick around now [Letter]

It seems columnist Jules Witcover is more concerned about former President Richard Nixon, who has not been in the White House for 40 years, than he is about the current administration's problems, such...

Proposed Dominion LNG plant threatens Lusby community [Letter]

Last week there was a gas leak on Solomon's Island. The authorities didn't shut down the island and evacuate residents because it was believed driving by the leak could be more harmful that staying...

Riots, not demonstrations [Letter]

Here's a question: Why do reporters continue to call what is happening in Ferguson, Mo., a demonstration?

Carbon fees are our payback to ourselves [Letter]

Regarding Bob Bruninga's recent letter, "Carbon fees are a payback to Mother...

Well-trained teachers are an asset to city [Letter]

Many thanks to reporter Liz Bowie

VA saved my dad's sight [Letter]

I've been wanting to write a thank-you note to the Veterans Health Administration. My father is a veteran and has macular degeneration he has been treated at the VA for over five years. Without all...

State should clean up its act [Letter]

I can't recall the last time that a commercial real estate development site spilled more than 3 million gallons of raw sewage into the Maryland waterways but that's what the state of Maryland did last...

Ocean City needs to enforce its laws [Letter]

As a former Ocean City rental property owner — and thank God I got rid of it recently — the problem posed by ill-behaved...

A cheaper alternative for developing new teachers [Letter]

I read with great interest your article, "Residency program tries to solve...

Terps and scholarships [Editorial] 

To those who follow college athletics only casually, the announcement last week that the University of Maryland will henceforth award athletic scholarships on a multi-year basis instead of year-to-year may sound like a minor change. But in fact, it's a major reform that is not only welcome but is...

Tracking the Red Line [Editorial]

Baltimore's proposed Red Line passed a significant milestone this week with mixed results. The good news is that officials in Baltimore and Baltimore County pledged a combined $280 million to help build the 14-mile light rail project, less enthralling is that the total cost has risen a quarter-...

Syria's slippery slope [Editorial] 

President Obama's decision last weekend to launch U.S. surveillance flights over Syria in preparation for possible airstrikes against the Islamist militants who have overrun large swaths of the country since June has brought the U.S. another step closer to direct involvement in the years-long...

Baltimore's casino reality [Editorial] 

Tonight, Baltimore becomes a casino town. With the opening of the $442 million Horseshoe Casino Baltimore on Russell Street, the city enters an era of legalized slots, table games and poker that seemed impossible just a dozen years ago.

Enemy at the gates [Editorial] 

Like the arrival of a Medieval plague, alien invaders are knocking on Baltimore's door. No, we are not talking about foreign armies storming the beaches or bug-eyed creatures from outer space bent on global domination. But it's almost as bad.

The $1,070 message [Editorial] 

One of the first traits police recruiters ought to look for in their candidates is empathy. After all, at the heart of law enforcement is understanding the behavior of human beings and without some insight into what motivates their actions — for good or ill — it would be impossible to...

Failing grades for school bus safety [Editorial] 

This week, youngsters across Maryland will board the "big yellow cheese wagon," as it's sometimes called, and head back to school. And chances are high (aside perhaps from those teary-eyed moms and dads waving good-bye to their kindergartners for the first time), the school bus commute from home...

Time to talk teacher tenure [Editorial]

Across the nation, the topic of teacher tenure has gotten much attention of late and not only because students are returning to school. In Republican controlled states, there have been numerous efforts to limit such employment guarantees, and even in Democratic-leaning states like Maryland there has...

Draft Freeman [Editorial]

University of Maryland Baltimore County President Freeman A. Hrabowski III says he is not interested in becoming chancellor of the University System of Maryland. That is a shame. He is extraordinarily qualified for the job, and if he could do for the entire system what he has done for UMBC, Maryland...

Mission accomplished [Editorial]

The announcement this week that scientists from Aberdeen Proving Ground have successfully completed the destruction of Syria's most dangerous chemical weapons has left the whole world breathing a little easier. If nothing else it ensures these cruel instruments of mass destruction will never be used...

The virtue of video 

Demonstrators in Baltimore are planning to return to the streets tonight in support of residents of Ferguson, Mo., where marchers have been protesting the fatal shooting by police of an unarmed black teenager since Aug. 9. The death of Michael Brown, 18, has become a touchstone for concerns about...

Getting steamed [Editorial] 

Residents of the neighborhoods around the soon-to-open Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore are right to be upset that the city is diverting $3 million of the money set aside in state law to help mitigate the impact of casinos on the surrounding communities to instead move a steam pipe under the...

Balto. Co. schools' song and dance [Editorial] 

If Baltimore County residents had any doubts about the wisdom of moving toward a hybrid appointed/elected school board rather than the all-appointed version we have now, they were likely erased last week when the board voted to hand Superintendent Dallas Dance what amounts to a $27,000 raise. Not...

Spin v. reality in Md. job numbers [Editorial] 

The headline on the news release out of Maryland's Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation yesterday sounded pretty great: "Private Sector Gains 18,700 Jobs Over-the-Year."

Eastern Shore wind farm: Let the Navy decide [Editorial]

The wind-power power struggle at the highest levels of Maryland's Democratic Party seemed to have been decided in May when Gov. Martin O'Malley bucked Rep. Steny Hoyer to veto legislation that would have essentially killed a green energy project on the Eastern Shore. But it's only gotten hotter this...

Ocean City's rental rage [Editorial] 

Summer vacations can be like overly long parties — fun for the invited but not always for neighbors and other bystanders. That has always been the challenge for those who live year-round in popular vacation destinations — tourists can simultaneously be loved and loathed.

Taking responsibility for the 26th Street collapse [Editorial] 

It's commendable that, in the face of litigation from residents of East 26th Street over this spring's collapse of a retaining wall abutting a rail line, Baltimore officials are clearly admitting to have made mistakes in their responses to the repeated complaints about the soundness of the roadway...

Baltimore's moment of silence [Editorial] 

This week, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon ordered state troopers to take over responsibility for maintaining order in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, following several days of unrest sparked by the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a local police officer. Mr. Nixon waited far too long to bring in...


NFL assault penalties [Poll]

The NFL announced this week that players who commit domestic violence or sexual assault will be suspended for six games after a first offense and banned for life after the second. Are these appropriate penalties?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure


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