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  • What's possible for Afghanistan?

    What's possible for Afghanistan?

    The unintentional U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan over the weekend was a terrible tragedy that highlighted the problems facing the American commanders attempting to support local Afghan government troops against a growing Taliban insurgency. The attack killed 22 people, including 12...

  • Is Gov. Hogan unbeatable?

    Is Gov. Hogan unbeatable?

    Let's say you're a Democrat in Maryland's legislature, faced with the seemingly unthinkable situation that your party's anointed candidate for governor managed somehow to lose to a Republican. A year into his term, you're already well into plotting his downfall in the next election when a poll...

  • Gun control works

    Gun control works

    State Attorney General Brian Frosh is calling on other states to enact the kind of strict handgun purchasing laws that Maryland adopted in 2013. Mr. Frosh says Maryland's new law is making it harder for criminals to purchase guns and that it would be even more effective if it weren't so easy for...

Readers Respond

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  • What the Orioles need to start winning again

    As a long time Orioles fan I implore team owner Peter Angelos to take stock of where his franchise is and what it will or won't become in the future ("Dan Duquette, Buck Showalter vow to work together to make Orioles better," Oct. 5). Mr. Angelos bought the team more than 20 years ago for a record...

  • Four reasons for runaway gun violence

    Here we go again: Every time another lost, confused and entitled soul goes on a rampage and kills innocent people, America's conversation about firearms is reignited ("In writings, Oregon gunman ranted about others being crazy," Oct. 6). While it is easy to blame the weapon, our society becomes...

  • Liquor board should listen to Dr. Wen

    Kudos to Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana S. Wen for her recent op-ed ("City liquor board should safeguard residents' health," Sept. 29). This ongoing issue of bars and other liquor outlets and the Baltimore City liquor board's decisions regarding them has several parts to it. There are different...

  • Saying no to alcohol

    Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen's commentary ("City liquor board should safeguard residents' health," Sept. 29) offers an important reminder for why alcohol regulation is important. The cause of 88,000 deaths per year nationwide, including 4,300 deaths among persons under 21, alcohol...

  • Can the O's overcome their current woes?

    To borrow a phrase from the late Yogi Berra, I'm afraid the Baltimore Orioles are headed for "deja vu all over again" ("Dan Duquette, Buck Showalter vow to work together to make Orioles better," Oct. 5). Oh, yes, they did tease us with a few years of stellar baseball under the tutelage of their...

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  • Raw politics drives GOP probes of Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

    Raw politics drives GOP probes of Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

     It was nice of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to clarify that a primary goal of the Republicans' never-ending investigations into the Benghazi terror attack was to do damage to the leading Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. Now, if he would just acknowledge that the current...

  • Putin cutting Obama down to size

    Putin cutting Obama down to size

    If the humiliation of the Obama administration continues at this rate, you should soon expect to see Secretary of State John Kerry on all fours at the United Nations, getting paddled by the Russian foreign minister and shouting, "Thank you, comrade! May I have another?" Last Monday, President Obama...

  • We need cops with people skills

    We need cops with people skills

    What can I do? Not quite six months ago, a reader named Tracy posed that question to me, and I, in turn, posed it to you. Tracy, a 55-year-old white woman from Austin, said she was sick of hearing about unarmed African-American men being injured or killed by police. "What can be done?" she asked....

  • To replace Boehner, why not Newt Gingrich for speaker?

    To replace Boehner, why not Newt Gingrich for speaker?

    Almost exactly seven years ago, House Speaker John Boehner said of the Wall Street bailout bill, "I think this thing is a crap sandwich" — but he'd vote for it anyway. I remarked at the time, "It's crap sandwiches for as far as the eye can see" — and I was right. Mr. Boehner finally had his fill...

  • Bob Iger for president?

    Bob Iger for president?

    Early in Donald Trump's time on NBC's The Apprentice, I wrote a column for The New York Times wondering why the network had cast someone with such a spotty business record (especially from the perspective of his casino shareholders) in the role of successful business tycoon. Mr. Trump called me...