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Air conditioning as a civil right?

The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has for nearly 60 years fought against discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status and national origin. It has not, at least to date, sought to end discrimination based on room temperature. While standing...

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  • Freddie Gray and déjà vu

    Freddie Gray and déjà vu

    One of the few consolations of last year's unrest in the wake of Freddie Gray's death was that at least Baltimore had the opportunity to set an example to the rest of the country when it was time to pick up the pieces. No matter what happened to the 25-year-old African American man before and after...

  • The lottery of the future?

    The lottery of the future?

    Among the most interesting details exposed by the dispute over the $263 million contract to run the operations of Maryland's lottery is one buried on page 126 of the agency's request for proposals. At some point during the term of the contract, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency may,...

  • Millions on the move

    Millions on the move

    Around the globe some 60 million people are on the move. They pack what belongings they can carry and set off as families or in groups, making their way as best they can on rickety boats, crammed inside trucks, perched atop trains or on foot. Some seek a better life, but many are just fleeing war...

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  • Not everyone benefits from rising incomes

    Thanks for your report on the new U.S. Census Bureau data showing that Maryland is making positive strides toward reducing poverty and increasing median household income by 2.4 percent ("Median household income in Maryland grew last year," Sept. 15). However, for too many people the good news just...

  • What about Trump's 'integrity problem'?

    What about Trump's 'integrity problem'?

    Like too many voters, letter writer Greg Sprangenberg says he's voting against Hillary Clinton because of her "lack of integrity" ("Trump support isn't a gender thing," Sept. 20). Since in our two-party, winner-take-all election system a vote against Ms. Clinton is effectively a vote for Donald...

  • Kaepernick sets an example, though not the one he intends

    Kaepernick sets an example, though not the one he intends

    San Francisco 49er's quarterback Colin Kaepernick exercises his rights and takes a knee during the national anthem. Good for him. Good for all of us ("Kaepernick lands on Time cover as outrage over police violence continues," Sept. 23). Yet there's an irony in this business of taking a knee. Many...

  • Cardin and Hoyer waver on justice for 9/11 victims

    I recently took an afternoon off to drive to Washington, D.C., where I marched with the 9/11 families supporting passage of the proposed Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which would allow victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to sue foreign governments that support terrorism ("The Saudis...

  • Prevent gun violence in schools

    Prevent gun violence in schools

    I applaud Jen Pauliukonis for her commentary pleading for our leaders to offer some kind of protection for our children from the gun violence that is becoming an everyday occurrence as opposed to a rare, news headline ("A back-to-school resolution," Sept. 1). Like Ms. Pauliukonis, I cannot help...

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  • How did Tulsa officer know Crutcher was a bad dude?

    How did Tulsa officer know Crutcher was a bad dude?

    Dear Tulsa Police: I'm not here to debate the shooting of Terence Crutcher. His death a little over a week ago at the hands of one of your officers has, of course, created a firestorm. Betty Shelby has said she shot the 40-year-old man after he refused to communicate with her or obey her commands,...

  • More terror, more denials

    More terror, more denials

    In Florida Monday, following the bombings in New York and New Jersey, Donald Trump referred to the captured bombing suspect,Ahmad Khan Rahami, as an "evil thug." He then added, "Hillary Clinton is a weak and ineffective person and I will tell you, if you choose Donald Trump, these problems are...

  • Homegrown violence and the presidency

    Homegrown violence and the presidency

    The epidemic of violence in the nation's streets, including everything from anti-police protests to lone-wolf terrorism, offers voters in the presidential election a clear choice. Do they want the steady but unspectacular hand of Hillary Clinton or the tough take-no-prisoners style of Donald Trump?...

  • Donald Trump is a 'BS artist'

    Donald Trump is a 'BS artist'

    We've called him many things. We pundits have overworked our thesauruses and our imaginations to describe Donald Trump. Kathleen Parker called him "the biggest goofball ever to enter the Oval Office sweepstakes." Nicholas Kristof called him "ill-informed," "deceptive," "vacuous" and a "crackpot."...

  • Trump's 'yuge' bamboozle

    Trump's 'yuge' bamboozle

    Donald Trump poses as a working-class populist, but his new economic plan would be a gusher for the wealthy, and almost nothing will trickle down to anyone else. According to the independent Tax Foundation, Mr. Trump's tax plan would give the top 1 percent an average cut of at least $122,400, while...