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More professional diversity in politics

There is reason to hope that Dr. Ben Carson's meteoric rise to front-runner in the Republican field augurs greater diversity among American politicians. In the 114th Congress, 80 percent of all members are men, and 82 percent are white. African-Americans have one-third fewer members than would...

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  • A seat at the table

    A seat at the table

    Here's a topic for the Thanksgiving meal this year that won't force the dreaded family debate on politics or religion: Instead of the bounty of a holiday table piled high with turkey and all the trimmings, can you imagine what life is like for people who do not know where their next meal is coming...

  • A dangerous game in Syria

    Given the conflicting agendas of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria and Russia's aims in the region, it may only have been a matter of time before their diverging purposes led to a physical confrontation. That is apparently what happened today when Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian warplane...

  • Keep Dallas Dance

    Call it chutzpah if you like, but Baltimore County should be thanking Superintendent Dallas Dance for publicly stating that he wants a new, four-year contract and asking for an answer from the school board by the end of this month. If we and Mr. Dance are going to be parting ways, better for all...

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  • If France can take Syrian refugees, so can we

    If France can take Syrian refugees, so can we

    Why is it that the French government is welcoming 30,000 more refugees when governors of 31 here in America have said "no more Syrian refugees" ("Syrian refugees, advocates press Hogan to change course," Nov. 23)? They are succumbing to the desires of ISIS by taking such actions. None of the suspects...

  • Making giving a higher priority

    Making giving a higher priority

    It's the week of Thanksgiving, which means we're about to be presented with many opportunities to spend our money, including running the gauntlet of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday ("Low gas prices may not spur Thanksgiving travel but could boost shopping," Nov. 20). In response...

  • Does Busch hate weeds — or Republican governors?

    Does Busch hate weeds — or Republican governors?

    I've got to laugh that with everything going on in this world, House Speaker Michael E. Busch has nothing better to do then worry about weeds ("Maryland officials complain of shabby State House grounds," Nov. 20). He can come to my house. I have plenty of weeds that need attending. It's obvious...

  • #OccupyTowson wrong about prison industries

    #OccupyTowson wrong about prison industries

    The "Request of the Black Students at Towson University" specifies numerous demands that will make Towson University more inclusive and responsive to the black students on that campus ("The lesson of #OccupyTowson," Nov. 19). However, there is one request that does not make any sense. Specifically,...

  • For the environment, farms beat houses

    For the environment, farms beat houses

    The statement made by a top state official during a recent Maryland Board of Public Works meeting that a Kent Island housing development "would pollute less than the farms now there" raises an important debate ("Kent Island development clears environmental hurdle," Nov. 18). There is a dangerous...

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  • Frenzy about Syrian refugees echoes the unfounded fears of past eras

    Frenzy about Syrian refugees echoes the unfounded fears of past eras

    The Second World War is rightly remembered as a heroic time when Americans led the world to victory over German and Italian fascism and Japanese imperialism. But the glory of that era is marred by two enormous moral failings. The first was the internment of thousands of Japanese Americans who lost...

  • When expedience feels like wisdom

    When expedience feels like wisdom

    "Let's stop worrying about people's rights." Sadly there are dozens of junctures in American history from which that shameful quote might spring. It could date as far back as 1798 when President Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts, making it illegal to criticize the U.S. government. It could...

  • The race to riot on college campuses

    The race to riot on college campuses

    College campuses are again in turmoil. According to The New York Times, "Racist, sexist and anti-Semitic incidents on and near college campuses from Dartmouth to Wisconsin to Stanford this fall have provoked worries by education and civil rights leaders that such acts are on the increase." That...

  • War intrudes on politics

    War intrudes on politics

    The major terrorist attacks on Paris have cast a particularly dark shadow over the next American presidential campaign. Both parties suddenly find foreign policy crowding out such domestic flashpoints as immigration reform, income inequality and even the bizarre phenomenon of this season's political...

  • Paris, the City of Light

    Paris, the City of Light

    "I believe the light that shines on you will shine on you forever ... though I can't guarantee there's nothing scary hiding under your bed." "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon. My wife has a bad knee and isn't much for long walks, so that night after the Chunnel train had brought us over from...