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Hogan's Maryland: open for big business

Driving home to Baltimore from a meeting with a potential new customer one cold February afternoon, my wife and I chuckled when we crossed the state border. In addition to "Maryland Welcomes You," our state's "Enjoy Your Visit!" sign on Route 15 now read, "We're Open for Business," followed...

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  • Obama's Afghan exit

    President Barack Obama bowed to the reality on the ground this week when he announced the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan won't be completed by the end of this year as planned. Mr. Obama once hoped to cut the 9,800 remaining U.S. troops in Afghanistan by half over the next nine months...

  • Fracking deserves a pause
    Fracking deserves a pause

    The Maryland House of Delegates gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that would place a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," to produce natural gas in this state for the next three years. The vote was 93-to-45, a two-thirds majority. The proposal offers the kind...

  • Charter school roadblock
    Charter school roadblock

    Republican Gov. Larry Hogan campaigned on a pledge to increase the number of charter schools in the state, which currently has one of the most restrictive charter school laws in the nation. By making charter schools easier to open and operate in Maryland, the governor hopes to give parents more...

Readers Respond

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  • Which flag is more racist, Confederate or Union?
    Which flag is more racist, Confederate or Union?

    Your recent editorial regarding the controversy over the issuance of Texas license plates with a Confederate flag emblem ignores a very important historical point: Slavery in America was protected under the U.S. flag from 1776 to 1866 — 90 years — yet we only protest the Confederate...

  • Police aren't the villains
    Police aren't the villains

    As a retired Baltimore City Police Department captain, I am dismayed by the condemnation being heaped upon police departments everywhere and the thousands of officers who serve honorably.

  • Ted Cruz's quantum leap
    Ted Cruz's quantum leap

    I'm glad to hear the Republicans are admitting that the entry of Sen. Ted Cruz into their usual crowd of loony presidential candidates is indeed a "quantum leap" for the GOP ("The value of competition," March 23).

  • No stars for restaurant ratings bill
    No stars for restaurant ratings bill

    Finally, some business sense comes to City Hall! I'm glad our City Council recognized the futility, expense and unfairness of requiring all food establishments to post "ratings." I'm sorry it was defeated by just one vote. Wake up, you guys ("Health grades bill killed," March 24).

  • It takes a village to beat heroin addiction
    It takes a village to beat heroin addiction

    Kudos to reporter Jean Marbella for excellent writing that gave a human face to the scourge of heroin addiction in Baltimore ("Baltimore County family struggles with impact of heroin's grip," March 21).

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