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  • Supreme Court's immigration failure

    Supreme Court's immigration failure

    This week's Supreme Court deadlock on immigration was unfortunate for a number of reasons, beginning with how it ensures the nation's dysfunctional immigration system remains in full, chaotic status quo for the near-term. But it also accomplishes something else — it should focus voter attention...

  • An early head start

    It's no secret why children from poor and minority communities often start school at a substantial disadvantage compared to their peers from more affluent backgrounds. The reasons for the disparities are well known: poverty, family instability, lack of access to health care services and regular...

  • HUD's mistake

    HUD's mistake

    To anyone familiar with the plight of Baltimore's poor, a recent announcement by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development may seem like a bit of a head-scratcher. Baltimore has been omitted from a list of metropolitan areas slated for a new program designed to help Section 8 recipients...

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  • The BSO's big plan to foster diversity

    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Music Director Marin Alsop is deservedly lauded as a brilliant conductor, the leader of the innovative program Orchkids, and a deeply concerned citizen who came out to do everything possible to heal the community following the death of Freddie Gray. She is also addressing...

  • Fighting terror requires more than a sit in

    The efforts of the Democratic congressmen to limit access to assault weapons and guns is woefully inadequate. Omar Mateen attained his weapons legally and he was not on a "no-fly list." Despite numerous FBI investigations, he was allowed to carry concealed firearms ("Maryland Democrats among those...

  • Ban fracking now

    Our communities are divided by the fracking issue. However, there is a bigger issue: our climate crisis. Corporations are making the rich richer and in so doing are creating a warmer planet. The Maryland Department of the Environment is holding public meetings for citizens to voice our reactions...

  • Senators attack Bill of Rights

    How have we come to this? Both of our senators voted in support of a bill which, if passed, would strip American citizens of a constitutional right without due process ("After Orlando, slight cracks in gun-rights' grip on Congress," June 24). Regardless of how you feel about the Second Amendment,...

  • KAL's gets it wrong on guns, immigration

    A recent KAL cartoon lampooned Donald Trump's assertion that we need to limit Muslim immigration to protect ourselves from jihadists ("Keep them away!" June 20). KAL asserted that the chance of being attacked by a jihadist in this country is "less than being hit by a falling piano," and therefore...

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  • Trump squanders the post-primary breathing spell

    Trump squanders the post-primary breathing spell

    In presidential election years, the time between the state party primaries and the national political conventions usually is an opportunity for the presumptive nominees to take stock and gear up for the fall campaign. But so far Donald Trump has squandered the interlude with antics and remarks...

  • Trumpism won't disappear when he does

    Trumpism won't disappear when he does

    On Saturday, someone tried to kill Donald Trump. You may not have heard about it. The story didn't get much play, the attempt wasn't well planned and the candidate was never in jeopardy. Still the fact remains that authorities arrested one Michael Steven Sandford, 19, after he allegedly tried to...

  • A big idea for Hillary

    A big idea for Hillary

    If Donald Trump continues to implode,Hillary Clinton will win simply by being the presidential candidate who isn't Mr. Trump. But the prospect of a President Trump is so terrifying that Ms. Clinton shouldn't take any chances. The latest matchup polls show her about six points ahead -- a comfortable...

  • Paranoid style in American politics lives on in the 2016 campaign

    Paranoid style in American politics lives on in the 2016 campaign

    A small but fervent cadre of Bernie Sanders partisans have convinced themselves that unnamed overlords in big corporations ordered their vassals in the Democratic Party and their minions in the corporate media to use every dastardly trick -- from rigging voting machines to news blackouts -- to...

  • Yes, Hitler

    Yes, Hitler

    Yes, Hitler. Some of you questioned my evocation of history's great villain in a recent column on House Speaker Paul Ryan's surrender to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. I likened Ryan to Franz von Papen, a German politician who helped Adolf Hitler rise to power under the naive delusion that...