Robbers broke into the home of an Oceanside Olympic champion, and one of the things they took is irreplaceable.

The robbery happened on Wednesday at about noon, when burglars broke into Tristan Gale Geisler's home on the 800 Block of North Cleveland Street. She and her husband, Jon, were out having breakfast at the time. They had left the house for less than an hour, and when they returned, they were stunned. All that remained of Geisler's Olympic gold was a wood display case and some pictures.

Geisler won the gold medal in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics in the sport of skeleton, a head-first sledding competition.

"As soon as they put it on your neck, you're like wow," said Geisler, who was 21 at the time, remembering what the medal first felt like. "This is it! This is what all the hard work and all the sacrifice that everyone's put in has been for!"

The Geislers were in the midst of packing, because they're moving soon to another Oceanside home. The thieves also took computer hard drives, Geisler's engagement ring and her Olympic ring.

"You can see this has all been fingerprinted," said Geisler, pointing to the bedroom window. "This was open, because they were literally throwing all the things out faster."

"It angers me, because I try to be a law abiding citizen," said Jon Geisler, an active duty Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. "I serve my country. It's pretty hard when the citizens of the country you proudly serve take from you."

Geisler told Oceanside police that some men had come to the house earlier, and she believes they were casing it and planning the robbery.

"They let themselves in while I was cooking. I told them I was upstairs," said Geisler. "When I said that I was here and they knew they weren't home alone they left, but not before they took a good look at everything."

Neighbors have given Oceanside police investigators a description of the suspected robbers and a vehicle license plate number, the Geislers said.

Most of what was taken can be replaced, but not Geisler's Olympic medal.

"There's not another one like it, so I think it's terrible, said Jon Geisler. "You can't just go to a computer store and replace it."

If you have any information regarding the crime call Oceanside Police.