She had both stage and television performances of her work at Theater Hopkins, Johns Hopkins University, as well as Cockpit-in-the Court at Essex Community College and Spotlighters Theater.

In her poem, "Self-Portrait," Mrs. Doyle wrote:

When I am being most meself

Ye'd niver want to know me.

Me hair uncombed. me feet unshod, me lunch forgot ---

Alas, bigod,

I do not write aesthetely.

Me papers crumpled into wads,

me forehead furrowed into knots.

I have forgot meself completely.

Another poem, "Breda's Song," deals with "loss and death in a mournful yet beautiful way," said a son, Dr. Kevin J. Doyle, who lives in Reisterstown.

My dear, I dreamed that you were dead.

I awoke

alone in bed

with cobwebs of grief entangled in my hair.

Loss lay on my shoulders.

My feet were bare

on the chilly floor.

I knew then it was no dream.

Oh, I would sleep again