In 1995, after three operations on his throat, two heart attacks and coronary-bypass surgery forced Dr. Newberg to face reality.

"As I well knew, two easy, practical ways to control snoring were to diet and to exercise," he wrote. "Years of smoking, laziness, and eating overstuffed corn beef sandwiches had made my body look like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Laureen affectionately referred to my developing potbelly as 'the landing field.'"

He added: "Like many doctors, I believed God had made me immortal."

Dr. Newberg's development of a successful treatment for patients who suffered sleep apnea was a "combination of ethmoid surgery and laser treatment of the nose and throat for cure of snoring and sleep apnea disease," he wrote. "But thanks to my surgery, I am finally cured of sleep apnea."

Dr. Newberg, who retired in 2006, was the author of a second book, "The Last Surgeon," published in 2008.

He was an opera fan and enjoyed attending performances of the Washington Opera Company. He also was an avid fly fisherman.

"He also loved London and loved to go there and attend the theater," his wife said.

A memorial service will be held at 2:30 p.m. Monday at the Maryland Veterans Cemetery, 1122 Sunrise Beach Road, in Crownsville.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by two sons, Ian Newberg of Rockville and Ethan Newberg of Westminster; a daughter, Dr. Barbara Newberg of Frederickburg, Va.; two stepsons, Nicholas Collins of Baltimore and Robert Bowman of Leesburg, Va.; a brother, Richard Newberg of Miami; a sister, Nancy Schwartz of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and six grandchildren.