The man accused of killing a Pratt woman is now facing two murder charges because the woman was pregnant. A Wichita family helped inspire the law that makes those charges possible.

Terri Brooks' daughter, Chelsea was pregnant when she was murdered in 2006. Terri never met her granddaughter, Alexa, who was due to arrive days later.

"We were only able to get one charge of murder against the defendants because we did not have a fetal homicide law in Kansas," Terri said.

At the time, the law only allowed prosecution for the death of Chelsea. The Brooks family says it was an injustice they felt compelled to fight.

"When you're dealing with the death of a loved one, especially in a traumatic event, you want to do something positive," Terri said. "That was one thing we could focus on as a family."

That focus helped create "Alexa's Law," which was later passed by the Kansas Legislature and signed by the Governor. Now, six years later, Attorney General Derek Schmidt is using that law to charge Bryant Seba with pregnant Pratt woman Alexandria Duran.

"I'm glad that it's here for them and I'm glad that the prosecutors use the law and that they will get justice for their unborn loved one," said Brooks.

Chelsea Brooks' sister, Emily, feels good about the law.

"I'm glad that family is benefiting from something so sad and that we could help in a way," she said.

Terri and Emily think of Chelsea and Alexa everyday and they hope their painful efforts can bring justice for the family of Alexandria Duran and a child they will never get a chance to know.

"I've been where they are and I'm feeling their pain," Terri said. "Just know that a lot of people have them in their thoughts and prayers."

Terri said getting the law passed was not easy because some legislators worried it would be used to restrict abortion rights. Kansas was the 37th state to adopt a fetal homicide law.

Seba is also charged with attempted murder. He is accused of shooting Brandon Wright.

Seba is expected in court Monday.

Family talks on importance of Alexa's Law