On Tuesday the computer network at William Newton Hospital experienced a "switch error" according to the hospital's C.E.O., Ben Quinton.

"This caused our network to go down and we've been without network connectivity since then," said Quinton.

Quinton says crews have been working to fix the problem since it started, but on Thursday the networks were still down. 

That means doctors and staff have to document everything by hand. The hospital switched to digital records more than 10 years ago. Kristie Ball is the director of nursing at William Newton Hospital. Ball says the switch is hard on her staff.

"It's been different. A lot of our younger nurses haven't been exposed to 'paper charting' before," said Ball.

A representative from the hospital's human resources department says around 15 workers were told not to come to work until the computers are fixed.

Most of the hospital is still open and able to see patients but doctors have had to turn away people at the radiology department. Technicians can use the equipment to take photos and x-rays but radiologists can't see them until the computers are fixed.

Hospital officials say they will work until the computer problem is fixed.