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Pharmacy Shooting Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Quadruple murder suspect David Laffer, the man police believe shot and killed four people in cold blood at a Long Island pharmacy earlier this week, pleaded not guilty in court Thursday to murder charges.

Laffer, 33, along with his wife Melinda Brady were arrested Wednesday at their Medford home following an intense manhunt for the gunman in Sunday's shocking drug store massacre where four people were killed.

In addition to first-degree murder charges, Laffer was charged with resisting arrest after he grabbed a gun belonging to a Suffolk County Police officer during his apparent take down by authorities at his home, Newsday reported.

Brady was charged with obstruction of a government investigation and third degree robbery for driving the car that dropped Laffer off at the Haven Drugs Pharmacy in Medford Sunday where he left behind a blood bath all in a quest for prescription painkillers.

Laffer had very little to say as homicide detectives walked him out of the Fifth Police Precinct lockup and into a waiting patrol car to take him to his arraignment Thursday morning.

The accused killer was inquisitive about what his wife, who also remains in police custody, told reporters about the allegations against him.

"What'd she say?" he asked while reporters shouted questions at him.

Brady, who has reportedly been cooperating with investigators, expressed her remorse to reporters outside the Fourth Police Precinct in Happague.

"I'm sorry for what he [Laffer] did," she said as detectives led her out in handcuffs shortly after her arrest Wednesday.

"You say you're sorry? You guys are junkies!" That was the reaction from the brother of one of the victims of the murderous attack on Fathers' Day morning at Haven Drug Pharmacy in Medford.

Daniel Taccetta waited outside of the precinct where Laffer was locked up overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning.

"You're a coward," is what Daniel Taccetta told PIX11 News he would say to David Laffer if he got the chance. Taccetta tried to get that chance by waiting for cops to walk to court the man who they say killed Taccetta's sister and three others.

"We may not have caught you on day two, but we got you 72 hours later," was the message Taccetta had for Laffer. It was a message he couldn't deliver because police ended up asking him to leave the vicinity of the Fifth Precinct before Laffer was transported.

Suffolk County Police detectives arrested Laffer Wednesday morning around 10:15 a.m. at his home in Medford. It's about a mile and-a-half from the pharmacy where Laffer carried out his four murders during a robbery for prescription drugs Sunday morning, according to police.

They took Laffer into custody after a database check by New York City federal investigators of painkiller buyers led them to a driver's license photo of Laffer that detectives decided resembled images of the pharmacy killer captured on surveillance video from the store. Detectives say Laffer put on a fake beard and mustache for the crime.

Fingerprints found at the scene also reportedly tied Laffer to the shooting where according to police, Laffer walked into the Haven Drugs Pharmacy in Medford Sunday morning minutes after the pharmacy opened at 10:00 a.m., and shot and killed Jennifer Mejia, 17, the pharmacist's assistant who would have graduated from high school on Thursday, as well as pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45, and two customers, 33 year-old Jaime Taccetta, whose brother showed up at the Fifth Precinct, and 71 year-old Bryon Sheffield.

Laffer then walked out with at least 10,000 hydrocodone tablets, investigators say, and he got into a car, headed to his home a mile and-a-half-away. Cops say the driver was his wife.

Laffer is an eight-year Army veteran who recently lost his job, reports said.

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