If you overlook the lies, Scott's budget is interesting

I did manage to assemble a panel of four politicos — two Republicans and two Democrats — to grade Scott's first budget.

The grades were predictably partisan. But some of the comments were interesting. Take a look:

•Former U.S. Rep. Lou Frey, R-Orlando

Grade: B

Frey said he'd be "shocked" if Scott's budget was actually implemented as presented. Instead, he said he viewed it as more of a "wish list." And on that level, Frey liked it. "We've got a real problem with education, with pensions with tax cuts and more," he said. "These things should be given some consideration and thought."

•Orange County Democratic Party chair Amy Mercado

Grade: F

"As an operations manager … I support a budget that is lean but not mean. Simply put, Gov. Scott's proposed budget is mean. The budget harms thousands of hard-working families while doubling the governor's personal office expenditures."

•Orange County Republican Party chairman Lew Oliver

Grade: A-minus

"I appreciate and applaud his sense of urgency. Rick Scott promised to make Florida the best place in the world to do business, and he certainly appears to mean that. Probably the most ambitious cuts in the budget are to education. … However, I think it's a reasonable place to start. If nothing else, after this budget, you can't say that Florida is sticking it's head in the sand on the budget. Rick Scott is tackling it head on.   

•State Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando

Grade: F

"If you drive on the roads, have a child in school, a parent in a nursing home, or would simply like to enjoy Florida's beaches and parks, the budget is an F. However, If you are CEO of a large corporation, Scott's budget is an A."

Overall, these four grades average out to about a C-minus.

You can read all of the panelists' unedited comments at orlandosentinel.com/takingnames.

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