Taxpayers paid $152,000 for a single copy of a book

Instead, there is only one copy of the manuscript … one that can't be checked out.

As one of my colleagues noted, that means Haridopolos made more money, per book, than J.K. Rowling made for Harry Potter … 61,000 times more, in fact.

On Tuesday, the St. Petersburg Times point-blank asked Haridopolos whether taxpayers got $152,000 worth of value from his book.

The senate president's response: "I don't know. How much are you worth?"

Apparently Haridopolos has another chapter in him: "Grade School Responses for Serious Questions."

("When stumped, think like a 4th-grader. Particularly good lines include 'I know you are but what am I?' and most anything from the 'Your Mama' arsenal.")

The entire story makes a joke of Haridopolos' alleged commitment to fiscal conservatism — as well as his call for others to suck it up and make sacrifices.

Not looking much better is the school. In fact, one of the funnier parts of the AP story featured the BCC president fumbling to explain why the school had never published the book, going on to say that the school was "attempting to put it online."

Attempting? It should take an intern a single day to scan the book and put it online.

And hey, if that's too difficult or confusing, I know just the book that could help you. It takes all the mystery out of things like computers and web sites. or 407-420-6141