Edward Snowden book coming from reporter Glenn Greenwald

When Edward Snowden disclosed NSA secrets, he sat down with reporter Glenn Greenwald to tell his story. Now Greenwald is writing a book that promises "new revelations."

Metropolitan Books will publish Greenwald's book in March 2014.

The as-yet-untitled Snowden book will, Metropolitan promises, "contain new revelations exposing the extraordinary cooperation of private industry and the far-reaching consequences of the government’s program, both domestically and abroad."

Snowden is the former U.S. government contractor who leaked information about the country's secret intelligence-gathering methods, which include surveillance of civilian communications, to Greenwald. Snowden has described the actions of the National Security Agency as "nakedly, aggressively criminal."

Greenwald is an investigative reporter who has been covering NSA surveillance and the telecom industry for more than a decade. According to Metropolitan, he's the only reporter to have been given the complete set of Snowden's documents. He has published a number of books, including the bestsellers “How Would a Patriot Act?” and “A Tragic Legacy.”

There might also be interest in a memoir from Snowden. Even if he hasn't got a book contract, as long as he's holed up in the Moscow airport, he's got time to work on writing one.


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