The man accused of shooting a corrections officer and stabbing a Grays Harbor County Superior Court judge in the courthouse in Montesano last Friday appeared Monday in court, where bail was set at $750,000.

Steven Daniel Kravetz, 34, faces two counts of assault in the first degree. His next scheduled court date is April 5.

As he was escorted from a holding cell to the Grays Harbor County Courthouse, Kravetz said nothing and kept his head down.

Prosecutors said Kravetz has a history of violence, including a domestic violence arrest for allegedly hitting his mother. But his reason for going to the courthouse last Friday was still unknown.

As he left court Monday, the only words he muttered were directed at his mom. His next court appearance is set for April 5.

Kravetz was taken into custody at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday after his mother called to report that he was at her house.

Thurston County law enforcement authorities arrested Kravetz without incident at the home in Olympia. Evidence linking Kravetz to the courthouse assault, including an officer's gun that was taken at the time of the incident, was recovered by law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials had released a photograph Kravetz on Saturday morning. They had been searching for Kravetz since he fled the courthouse just after noon on Friday. After fleeing the courthouse, Kravetz went to an attorney's office where he called his mother and asked for a ride.

His mother later contacted law enforcement after hearing on the radio that she and her son were wanted, said Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Undersheriff Rick Scott. She cooperated willingly with law enforcement, and neither she nor the attorney knew what Kravetz had done, Scott said.

The victims, Superior Court Judge David Edwards and corrections officer Polly Davin, were treated at Grays Harbor County Community Hospital for their injuries and released just hours later.

It was not immediately clear what touched off the violent struggle, which occurred between noon and 12:30 p.m, Grays Harbor County Chief Deputy Sheriff Dave Pimentel said.

County Undersheriff Rick Scott said it is unclear why Kravetz was at the courthouse, as there was nothing on the court's docket for the day. Kravetz had identified himself as Michael Thomas upon his arrival at the courthouse.

Initially, Kravetz was seen on the second floor and was believed to be acting suspiciously, but when Davin arrived to talk to him, he was on the first floor.

Kravetz allegedly attacked Davin, and Edwards intervened. Scott said that when Edwards came to Davin's aid, he was stabbed in the neck and upper torso, apparently with a small knife or scissors. Kravetz then struggled with Davin, grabbed her gun and shot her in the shoulder while she was on the ground.

The courthouse does not have a metal detector installed.

At the time of the incident, officials said Kravetz was wearing a blue button-down shirt and black pants. He was possibly carrying a briefcase and may have fled with a weapon, possibly the deputy's gun.

Edwards said from his home Friday night that he was stabbed when Kravetz was wildly flailing at Davin. Edwards said he heard two shots fired at the officer and then Kravetz looked at him and ran out of the courthouse carrying the officer's gun.

On Saturday, Scott said they were able to determine that Kravetz had arrived in Montesano on Friday by bus from somewhere in Thurston County. Montesano is about 90 miles southwest of Seattle.

It is believed Kravetz was in the Montesano area until about 3 p.m., when his mother picked him up.

Scott said that the Grays Harbor prosecutor is preparing to issue a warrant for Kravetz on grounds of a first-degree felony officer-involved shooting.