Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn't shy about his love for football -- and other things -- but it was good to see that one Buffalo Bills fan didn't put up with his shenanigans during Sunday's game in Toronto against the Atlanta Falcons.

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Mays was looking forward to the NFL's latest trek north of the border only to find Ford sitting in his seat at the Rogers Centre. Mays took to Twitter to explain his predicament:

One could understand Mays' resistance to confronting Ford about stealing his seat.

Ford isn't the kind of guy you want to mess around with -- he has been known to run over people and call it an accident. And though Ford has been stripped of much of his power by his colleagues in the Toronto City Council, the chicken-wing-loving mayor still can be a menacing figure.

Fortunately Mays overcame all of these potential pitfalls to do something many Toronto residents only wish they could do -- he unseated Ford.