New Maryland state school superintendent chosen


Surprising ancient beer recipe revealed by Chinese pottery shards

New research on 5,000-year-old pottery fragments found in China shed light on the region's earliest beer brewing practices - and may provide new insight into the history of Asian agriculture. "This beer recipe indicates a mix of Chinese and Western traditions - barley from the West, millet, Job's...

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  • North Carolina mom charged with child abuse for letting son, 11, drive golf cart

    A woman says she was arrested, charged with child abuse and detained for hours for letting her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart during a family vacation on a North Carolina beach resort island. Julie Mall tells The Charlotte Observer ( her son asked to drive the cart two...

  • Friends, Romans: help restore Rome's ruins, monuments

    Friends, Romans: help restore Rome's ruins, monuments

    Rome has pleaded for patrons to help pay for the restoration and maintenance of some of the hundreds of fountains, monuments, archaeological sites and historical streets in the Italian capital. City officials said Tuesday they are grateful that fashion companies like Fendi have paid for restoration...