Gansler running mate says other campaign 'throwing dirt'

The Baltimore Sun

Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler's running mate said Friday she believed "it's obvious on its face" that an opponent in the Democratic race for governor is "trying to throw dirt every time we're making progress."

Del. Jolene Ivey, talking on the Washington-area Kojo Nnamdi radio show, responded to questions about The Baltimore Sun's article this week about Gansler's presence at a June beach party for recent high school graduates. Teens said there was underage drinking, and Gansler acknowledged he did nothing to stop the party.

Ivey implied that the campaign of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown was behind a spate of negative stories about Gansler. 

“It looks like every time we get any kind of momentum, then they find something else, real, imagined, two years old, six months old, whatever, to drag out,” Ivey said.

When asked about The Sun's article, Brown said Thursday: "The first I heard about this story was when I read about it this morning in the newspaper.” He added, “I have been very clear to our volunteers, our staff, we are running a positive campaign, speaking to the issues.”

Ivey, the mother of five boys, defended Gansler for saying he made a mistake.

Earlier, when questioned by The Sun about the party, Gansler said he had no moral responsibility for other people's children. After his comments and a photo of him at the party were published, Gansler said he should have realized teens were drinking at the Delaware beach house he helped rent for his son and friends.

"We have to all admit that Doug Gansler has already said that what he did was wrong, he did the wrong thing, that he should have handled it differently," Ivey said. "And you know, how many of us as parents have done something that we regretted as parents?"

Ivey also offered a new explanation for why Gansler stopped by the party: Gansler's son had not responded to his father's text message about what time they would leave the beach the following day.

Earlier in the week, Gansler told The Sun he had not texted his son because he didn't usually respond.

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