"It seems we've lost sight that we still have men and women in Afghanistan and in Iraq," he said. "We can't allow al-Qaida to use Afghanistan. On the other hand, we can't be the sheriffs for the whole world."



Sense of Sept. 11

Opinion polls show how public attitudes about Sept. 11 have changed over the past decade.

How people rate the U.S. government's effort at reducing the threat of terrorism:

Date: Very or fairly well//Not well

Aug. 2011:76//22

Oct. 2010:69//27

Jan. 2010:65//33

Oct. 2009:73//22

April 2009:75//20

Feb. 2009:71//22

Feb. 2008:66//31

Jan. 2007:54//44

Dec. 2006:65//32

Aug. 2006:74//24

Feb. 2006:68//30