Larry Hogan Sr., father to governor, gravely ill

Erin Cox
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Former Rep. Lawrence Hogan Sr., the 88-year-old father to the governor, suffered massive stroke Saturday and his conditioned worsened considerably Thursday.

The governor canceled his public schedule to be at the bedside of his father, who was close friend and political mentor, the governor's spokesman said.

Hogan Sr. was the first Republican congressman to call for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon in 1974, and the only member of the GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee to vote for all three articles of impeachment.

Hogan's spokesman Doug Mayer said the elder Hogan's condition has "taken a turn for the worse" and the governor has postponed all his public appearances to be at his father's side.

The governor often praises his father's integrity in public speeches. During his 2015 inauguration speech, the younger Hogan's voice broke as he mentioned his legacy, and he stepped away from the podium to embrace his father. "I'm going to get emotional now," the governor said at the time. "He taught me more about integrity in one day than most men learn in a lifetime, and I am so proud to be his son."

During the 2016 election, Hogan wrote his father's name on his ballot rather than cast a vote for fellow Republican President Donald J. Trump.

In 1974, Hogan Sr. vacated his congressional seat representing Prince George's County in order to run for governor, and he was defeated in the Republican primary. He was elected Prince George's County Executive in 1978 and served one term. Hogan Sr., is a lawyer, author and former FBI agent who spent part of his career working as a teacher and consultant. He is married and the father of six children. His daughter, the governor's older sister Mary Theresa Lazarus, died in March 2016.

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