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Gov. Hogan calls on Congress to avoid government shutdown

Gov. Larry Hogan called on members of Congress to avoid a federal government shutdown looming at the end of Friday.

“Marylanders are sick and tired of Washington’s dysfunctional, insider blame games,” Hogan said in statement.

Hogan urged Congress to continue funding the government while also continuing child health insurance programs and protections for undocumented people who were brought to the country as children, often called “dreamers.”

“Let me be very clear to everyone in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats — stop the finger-pointing and do your jobs,” the Republican governor said.

Sen. Ben Cardin made the rounds in Annapolis on Friday morning, telling state lawmakers that he didn’t want to assign blame over who is responsible for the likely shutdown.

“It’s an incredible failure that we are four months into the fiscal year without a budget,” Cardin, a Democrat, told a meeting of Baltimore County’s state delegates.

Cardin suggested that Congress should consider passing a very short-term resolution to keep the government going for one to three days “with the commitment to resolve the budget numbers.”

“We can get that done … and finally get a budget for our country,” he said.

The House of Representatives already passed a longer resolution to keep the government open, but Cardin predicted that it would not get the necessary 60 votes in the Senate — and possibly not even win a majority.

Cardin told state lawmakers that it’s important to keep the federal government going, as Maryland’s economy is dependent on federal workers and companies that have contracts with the federal government.

“With a long government shutdown, people are going to get hurt,” he said.



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