Arundel council delays vote on ousting elected officials

The Anne Arundel County Council on Monday again delayed two measures that create new rules for ousting elected officials.

Council Chairman Derek Fink said the council decided to vote in August when the panel's seven members could all be present. The council earlier this month delayed a vote after a wording dispute in the changes, which spell out when and how to remove politicians convicted of a felony or "a crime involving moral turpitude or misfeasance or malfeasance in office."

One measure creates a process for removing a council member. It comes as the Maryland Court of Appeals has agreed to hear former Councilman Daryl D. Jones' petition that he was improperly ousted in January when his fellow council members declared his seat vacant while he served a five-month sentence for failing to file a tax return.

Another elaborates on existing provisions to remove the county executive. County Executive John R. Leopold is fighting charges he misused his police security detail for personal and political gain. Leopold has denied wrongdoing.

This summer, the council has already decided to send six charter changes to voters. In August, they will consider sending an additional 10.

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