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The week in politics: Huuuuge Tuesday

Here's The Sun editorial board's weekly take on who's up and who's down in politics:

Donald Trump: Up. If you're riding an anti-establishment wave, what better endorsement than the ringing denunciation of Mitt Romney? Unless the Republican primary electorate suddenly and miraculously comes to its senses The Donald looks likely to lock up the nomination on March 15.

Chris Christie: Down. We get that the New Jersey governor really, really doesn't like Marco Rubio, but aren't there better ways of annoying him than endorsing Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton: Up. When you win a bigger share of the black vote in South Carolina than Barack Obama did in 2008, you know things are looking good. Bernie Sanders has the money to stick around for a while, but if she delivers on March 15 in Illinois, Ohio and Florida, she should be able to build an insurmountable delegate lead.

Marco Rubio: Down. Maybe if Ted Cruz had been shut out on Super Tuesday, Senator Rubio could make a plausible claim to the mantle of the anti-Trump. Instead, a week of borrowing Trumpian tactics in a race to the rhetorical bottom netted him just one state to Cruz's three and leaves him way behind in the polls in Florida.

Mike Miller: Up. The senate president for life probably doesn't have much left on his legislative bucket list, but merging his two alma maters -- the University of Maryland College Park and the University of Maryland Baltimore -- is at the top. Five years ago, he got knocked back by unified opposition from Baltimore leaders, but with virtually no opposition at a bill hearing this week, his chances are looking much better this time around. 

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