Some Md. campaign finance reports filed late because of new reporting system

Some campaign finance reports due in January were submitted late because filers had problems using the state’s new online reporting system, according to the state Board of Elections.

The online system was rolled out late last year, said Ross Goldstein, deputy state administrator of the board. Some people did not understand how to use it.

“It’s pretty different as far as the steps to file your report,” Goldstein said. “It was just a learning curve.”

State administrator of elections Linda Lamone will recommend waivers of late fees associated with the technical difficulties, if a waiver is requested by filers, he said.

Since 1999, people had used reporting software called ELECTrack, which they installed on their own computers. That software was cumbersome for users and difficult for the state agency to maintain, Goldstein said.

“Once we get past that learning curve, I think [the online system] is going to be a really good solution for filers,” he said.

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