Same-sex marriage bill goes in the House with 56 cosponsors

The House version of Gov. Martin O'Malley's same-sex marriage bill was introduced in the House of Delegates this morning shortly before the governor gave his annual state of the state address.

The House bill went in with 56 co-sponsors, including House Speaker Michael E. Busch, who rarely puts his name on legislation. New cosponsors this year also include Baltimore County delegates Jon Cardin and Adrienne A Jones, both Democrats.

Some names dropped off, including Baltimore City delegates Jill Carter and Frank Conaway Jr., both Democrats. Also, last year Sam Arora, Tiffany Alston, Melvin Stukes and Hattie Harison put their names on it but later backed away from the bill. Those four are not listed on this years version of the bill.

Similar legislation passed in the Senate last year and is expected to be approved there again. The bill was stopped in the House last year and pulled from the floor without a final vote. In that chamber 71 votes are needed for passage.

A list of co-sponsors is here.

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