Rawlings-Blake says Christie created 'culture of callousness'

In her second appearance on "Meet the Press" in two months, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake offered opinions on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the allegations his staff caused a traffic jam as payback against a mayor who wouldn't endorse him.

Rawlings-Blake, who is secretary of the Democratic National Committee, said she was "loathe" to criticize Christie, a Republican, but questioned the culture the governor created in his administration.

"When you set up this culture of callousness, and when you have a history of telling people to 'go blank themselves' and calling reporters 'idiots,' you can't play it both ways," said Rawlings-Blake, who's had her own icy exchanges with reporters in Baltimore in the past. 

Rawlings-Blake also questioned Christie's professed lack-of-knowledge about the incident.

"He doesn't know because he didn't want to know," she said. "He chose to turn a blind eye to what his closest advisers were doing, and he has to live with that as a reflection of his leadership."

"Meet the Press" host David Gregory referred to Rawlings-Blake as "Mayor Blake." Her staff has asked local reporters to use the name Rawlings-Blake.

The mayor wasn't the only Maryland politician on the Sunday morning national talk show circuit: Gov. Martin O'Malley appeared on CNN's "State of the Union"; U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings was on CBS' "Face the Nation"; and Sen. Ben Cardin and U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen appeared on "Fox News Sunday."

Rawlings-Blake also appeared on "Meet the Press" in December, when she defended President Barack Obama's health care program.



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