Obama gaffes, recognizes Gov. "Jack" O'Malley

Gov. Martin O'Malley is not exactly a stranger around the White House these days. He met with President Barack Obama along with other state leaders late last week to discuss the economy. On Sunday he sat at the same table as the president for an annual governors dinner at the White House.

He is a frequent guest on the national Sunday talk shows, usually defending the Obama administration's policies.

So it was a bit awkward to see Obama forget O'Malley's name at an education event Monday. Sure there are 50 governors  to keep track of, but O'Malley -- the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association -- has a higher profile in Washington than many, if not most of them. 

Highlighting Maryland education polices, Obama called out what he thought was the governor's name, according to a pool report of the event. "Jack O'Malley, where is he?" the president said.

Pause. Silence. 

"I mean, Martin.”

O'Malley seemed to take the moment in stride and even got in a plug for his youngest son, 9-year-old Jack.

“I thought my son had crashed the party," he quipped.

Update: Here is the official transcript of the exchange from the White House.

Obama: Jack O’Malley -- where’s Jack -- Martin.  Where’s Martin?  Sorry.  I was --

O'Malley: I thought my son was right here.  (Laughter.) 

Obama: Right, right, right.

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