Miller, Busch make nice after session fiasco

If any ill will remains between the state's two top legislative leaders over the chaotic end to this year's session, the two concealed it well at the Democratic Party's gala fund-raiser in Greenbelt Monday night.

Despite the mutual finger-pointing between House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller in the days after the General  Assembly's adjournment April 9, the speaker provided a warm introduction of Miller as "Mr. Democrat"  at a VIP reception at the fund-raiser.

Miller, for his part, showed he is now seeing some humor in the way the session ended -- with a failed tax plan, a Doomsday budget that wasn't intended to see the light of day and a consensus among Democrats that they need to come back for a special session May 14 to repair the damage.

"We had a dynamite session (this) year  -- perhaps that's why  it exploded," Miller said.





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