Lollar campaign web site returns

The campaign web site of Charles Lollar, one of three announced Republican candidates for governor in 2014, is back on line after an absence of almost a week.

Republican blogger Jeff Quinton, who has been tracking the ups and down of the Lollar campaign, said the web site reappeared about 6:15 p.m. Thursday.

The absence of a web site was one of several problems Quinton had pointed to in declaring the Lollar campaign an organizational "train wreck." Lollar has disputed that assessment.

Whether having a functioning web site puts the Charles County business executive's long-shot campaign back on track remains to be seen. But it's an important step toward building credibility within the party. There are no  fancy bells and whistles, but it performs all the normal functions of a campaign site -- publicizing the candidate's positions, accepting donations and signing up volunteers.




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