Mizeur proposes new redistricting process

The Baltimore Sun

Del. Heather Mizeur pitched a plan Wednesday that would take the responsibility for drawing congressional and legislative districts out of the hands of state politicians. 

Mizeur, who is running in the Democratic primary for governor, said in a statement she wanted to "end gerrymandering in Maryland."

Her proposal would create a nonpartisan commission to draw the district boundaries for state and federal lawmakers. Currently that responsibility lies with the governor and the Maryland General Assembly.

Mizeur introduced a bill this year to enact such a change. With less than two weeks remaining in the session this year, however, it has not received a vote in a committee. 

In her statement Wendesday, Mizeur criticized the current process because it "places party politics over fair representation and disenfranchises voters. It’s time to end it once and for all.”

The redistricting proposal approved by the General Assembly in 2012 sparked controversy, and opponents unsuccessfully pushed a ballot initiative to overturn it.

The state redistricts once a decade after the U.S. Census is completed.

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