GOP: O'Malley must reimburse taxpayers for cost of out-of-state travel

Maryland's Republican Party wants Gov. Martin O'Malley to reimburse taxpayers for the $100,000 spent last year by the state police protecting him on out-of-state trips.

“The use of taxpayer dollars to cover travel and security for you to attend political events across the country does not, in our view, constitute the most responsible use of taxpayer dollars,” said House GOP leader Anthony O'Donnell in a letter he sent today to the governor.

The Sun reported last week that the state police spent just under $100,000 traveling with the governor on 26 out-of-state trips from January through September. The Democratic Governors Assocation, which O'Malley has chaired for the past two years, shouldered some of the costs of his travel.

Raquel Guillory, with a spokeswoman for O'Malley, noted that Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. also used state police protection while on trips. "Did Republican leadership have the same concern then?" she asked.

Records show that the state police protected Ehrlich on 50 out-of-state trips while he was governor or governor-elect.

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