Gansler web video announces eyeglasses plan

The Baltimore Sun

During the first of a planned series of web videos to tell voters about his policy ideas, Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler on Monday called for mobile vans to bring eyeglasses to disadvantaged students. 

The gubernatorial hopeful and his running mate Del. Jolene Ivey said that part of closing the achievement gap among Maryland students is to help students with poor vision see the blackboard.

"One of the ideas that we have is to make sure that children can actually read," Gansler said. 

The duo pitched the glasses plan in the campaign's first "Front and Center" web video published on YouTube. Gansler, a Democrat, has used web videos to announce his candidacy and attack his chief rival in the race for governor, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Now,  he's employing them to tell voters directly about what he would do if elected.  

The "Front and Center" series opens with a cluster of 16 different policy topics, from health care to manufacturing to the Chesapeake Bay and the minimum wage. The campaign plans to release about 10 more videos, spokesman Bob Wheelock said.




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