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Cardin pulls toll authority bill, citing accord

Del. Jon Cardin said Wednesday that he has reached an agreement with the Maryland Transportation Authority that will pre-empt a bill he filed requiring the agency to report how much money it failed to collect because of toll violations in E-ZPass lanes.

Cardin said he had negotiated an agreement with Harold Bartlett, executive secretary of the authority, that will bring more transparency to the agency’s toll collection efforts. The Baltimore County Democrat said the authority agreed to post on its web site information about its fine collection efforts as well as the amounts of uncollected fines. Cardin said the authority will also give a report to the General Assembly on its collection efforts during next year’s session.

The legislation was filed in response to a Sun story that reported the
authority had failed to collect more than $6 million it was owed for E-ZPass toll violations. Cardin said the bill is no longer necessary.

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