Brad Pitt supports same-sex marriage in Maryland

Mega-star Brad Pitt lent his glitter to the proponents of same-sex marriage in Maryland today, giving $25,000 to the campaign for Question 6.

The donation is part of a $100,000 gift to the Human Rights Campaign, a national organization that is promoting same-sex marriage in all four states where it is on the ballot. It comes at a good time for supporters, who reported last week they have only $22,000 in the bank.

Pitt is the latest in a lengthy list of bold faced names who are supporting Maryland's same-sex marriage effort. A fundraiser held in New York City earlier this year included so many A-listers that one insider said it was like being at a "petting zoo for celebrities."

Pitt and his fiancee Angelina Jolie are longtime supporters of same-sex marriage and once said they would not marry until it is legal in all 50 states.

Pitt's mother, however, has publicly taken the opposite position. She wrote a letter to editor of the News-Leader in Virginia expressing her opposition generally to gay marriage.

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