Amusing moments from the Gansler campaign

The Baltimore Sun

In advance of tonight's serious debate about big issues in the race for governor, here are two amusing - intentionally or not - contributions to the political discourse this week, courtesy of Douglas F. Gansler's campaign.

On Wednesday, his campaign publicized an original song written by a supporter. If you're wondering what rhymes with "Gansler," the answer is: "Gansler."  The lyrics say "Doug Gansler" 14 times in less than 90 seconds, plus eek out another three mentions of "Doug" and two more of "Mr. Gansler."

Give the interesting feat a listen here. As Del. Keiffer Mitchell, a Baltimore Democrat who backs Gansler, described it on Twitter, the "song is kind of incredible." 

On Tuesday, Gansler's campaign released a controversial ad about emphasizing teacher skill over seniority in the classroom. But perhaps the boldest statement in the ad comes from the t-shirt of a little boy standing beside Gansler at the ad's closing credits. It reads, "Homework?  Ain't nobody got time for that."

Gansler spokeswoman Katie Hill had little to say about the mixed message the t-shirt sent voters, but she said the campaign didn't notice the shirt's quip while filming in an area private school. After it aired, "we chuckled," she said. "It certainly was unintentional."



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