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Edwards raises $590K in second quarter

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Donna F. Edwards will report raising $590,000 in her bid for Senate during the second quarter of the year, her campaign said Friday.

The Edwards campaign, which took the unusual step of releasing its fundraising numbers on a federal holiday, said the money was raised from more than 7,500 donors. Edwards, a Prince George's County Democrat, and Rep. Chris Van Hollen are running for...

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As Gov. Hogan goes to work, supporters don green wristbands

As Gov. Larry Hogan returned to work Thursday after five days of chemotherapy, friends and supporters were going green in solidarity with his fight against cancer.

Hogan's Facebook page displayed a picture of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Christie's wife, Mary Pat Foster, wearing lime green wristbands to symbolize the fight against non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the form of cancer for which Hogan is...

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Gov. Larry Hogan 'feels great' after leaving hospital

Gov. Larry Hogan returned to Annapolis Thursday after five days in the hospital for chemotherapy, he said.

A Hogan spokesman said Wednesday that Hogan had returned home. On Thursday, Hogan posted on Facebook: "It feels great to be back in Annapolis! I spent the morning catching up with my staff and working hard for the people of Maryland!"

Hogan, who has taken to Facebook to update the public on his...

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Former Montgomery council president Valerie Ervin announces bid for Congress

Former Montgomery County Council president Valerie Ervin announced Wednesday she is running for the open seat in Maryland's 8th Congressional District, adding her name to one of the state's most compelling political contests.

Ervin, a Silver Spring resident who has long been considered a potential candidate for the seat, announced her campaign in a video that highlighted her work raising the county's...

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Toll cuts, new laws arrive with start of fiscal year

Maryland motorists will pay lower tolls, local governments no longer have to collect stormwater fees dubbed the "rain tax," and military retirees are getting a larger tax break.

Those are among dozens of state actions taking effect July 1 — fiscal New Year's Day for the state's $40 billion budget.

Most of the actions come from laws adopted by the General Assembly during the session that ended in April.


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Arundel's McMillan accuses George of jumping gun on Senate race

A battle for Republican political primacy in the legislative district that includes Annapolis Tuesday as Del. Herb McMillan accused a rival of "jumping the gun . . . and the shark" with his early entry into the 2018 state Senate race.

McMillan, who currently represents District 30 in Annapolis, criticized former House colleague Ron George for "announcing a Senate candidacy in a district [he doesn't]...

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