Glenelg leads county wrestling tournament with 10 semifinalists

Glenelg has 10 wrestlers moving on to the semifinal round at the county tournament

Defending county tournament champion Glenelg pushed 10 wrestlers into Saturday morning’s semifinals at the 58th annual Howard County tournament at River Hill High School and leads Atholton and Oakland Mills after the quarterfinal round.

All 14 No. 1 seeds have advanced, while 13 of 14 No. 2 seeds will compete for a shot to reach the county finals, scheduled for 7 p.m. Gladiators senior Dylan Istre, seeded No. 7, knocked off Mt. Hebron’s Ali Pender, a No. 2 seed, in a 145 pound quarterfinal. Centennial's Vernon Batson, who was the No. 2 seed at 220 pounds, was scratched before the tournament.

Here are the semifinal matchups, scheduled for 10:30 a.m.:

106 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 seed Daiquan Anderson (OM) vs. No. 4 Drew Pruett (A)

No. 3 Kevin Hansberger (G) vs. No. 2 Ethan Bohan (MR)

113 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Logan Gwin (G) vs. No. 5 Sam Levine (LR)

No. 3 Reese Kilcarr (Re) vs. No. 2 Will Vaxmonsky (MR)

120 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Gabe Vinyard (RH) vs. No. 5 Tino Campanile (G)

No. 3 Yahir Lemus (MH) vs. No. 2 Chris Spano (MR)

126 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Jared Thomas (G) vs. No. 5 Hayoung Park (Re)

No. 3 Ryan Keeley (Ho) vs. No. 2 Derek Noppinger (A)

132 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Kyle Farace (OM) vs. No. 4 Brad Foote (Ho)

No. 6 Michael Altamirano (A) vs. No. 2 Jacob Blyukher (C)

138 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Jason Kraisser (C) vs. No. 5 Stephen Frazier (A)

No. 3 Todd Del Tufo (Re) vs. No. 2 Jimmy Hayden (MH)

145 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Johnny Rynn (OM) vs. No. 4 Cito Altamirano (A)

No. 3 Kyle Williamson (Ho) vs. No. 7 Dylan Istre (G)

152 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Jacob Jones (G) vs. No. 4 Justin Hooper (MR)

No. 3 Jordan Davis (Ha) vs. No. 2 Brad Smith (RH)

160 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Max Sotka (G) vs. No. 5 Amr Narmouq (C)

No. 3 Anthony Morales (OM) vs. No. 2 Sean Billups (A)

170 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Garrett Murray (G) vs. No. 4 Nasim Sanders (Ha)

No. 3 Zach Wasilewski (RH) vs. No. 2 Troy Grandstaff (MR)

182 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Paul Johnson (OM) vs. No. 5 Alex Wasilewski (RH)

No. 3 Tyler Walters (Ha) vs. No. 2 Sam Alsheimer (G)

195 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Joe Lazzari (A) vs. No. 4 Ernie Smith (OM)

No. 3 Lucas Shapiro (C) vs. No. 2 Shaber Ahmad (MH)

220 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Nick Nordhausen (MH) vs. No. 4 Robbie Baxter (G)

No. 3 Loic Tueguo (Ha) vs. No. 2 Miles Easterling (A)

285 lbs. semifinals:

No. 1 Tyler Ecker (Re) vs. No. 5 Isa Pender (MH)

No. 3 Brett Schwab (RH) vs. No. 2 Kyle Boothe (OM)

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