Pairings announced for 2017 Howard County golf championship tournament

The field has been set and the pairings announced for this year’s Howard County championship golf tournament, which is scheduled for a 1 p.m. shotgun start on Tuesday at Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club.

This year’s event will feature 27 boys players and 15 girls, each of whom qualified through their performance during regular season matches. Boys had to score at least a total of 60 points in their best three nine-hole matches, while the girls had to score at least 40 points.

Points are awarded under the modified stableford scoring system during the regular season, with one point scored for a double bogey, two for a bogey, three for a par, four for a birdie and five for an eagle.

The county championships tournament itself, however, will be played as a stroke play event this fall. Contrary to last season, there will be no cutting of the field after the first nine holes of play — all participants will play a full 18 holes on the way to determining an individual champion.

River Hill’s Kevin Hickey (76 points in his best three matches) and Howard’s Jacqueline Cherry (86) are the top seeds for the boys and girls, respectively. Hickey is one of nine boys players this fall with seeding totals of at least 70 points. Cherry, however, is the only player in the entire field, boys or girls, to have a total in the 80s after scoring three under-par rounds this season.

The majority of the groups will feature four players apiece and are constructed in accordance to each player’s seed with the only stipulation — for the boys — that no two teammates may be paired together.

The girls tournament, however, has five of the 15-player field from Centennial and thus makes it impossible to avoid putting two players from the same team in the same group. Therefore group one for the girls features Howard teammates Cherry and Alex Abrams, while group two features Centennial teammates Megumi Fukuzawa and Katie Cody.

There is once again no team aspect to the tournament and there was no cap on the number of participants per school as long as they reached the qualifying score.

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The groups are as follows:


Group 1: Kevin Hickey (RH), Branden Nguyen (A), Caleb Taylor (G), Brett Pool (Ho).

Group 2: Alex Pak (MR), Lake Lloyd (MH), Ty Sams (C), Michael Forester (G).

Group 3: David Stephens (MR), Kenneth Chaplain (C), Shashank Gupta (Ho), Cam Deiuliis (RH).

Group 4: Josh Mann (RH), Justin Allen (MR), Jake Watson (C), Ryan Jung (MH).

Group 5: Isaac Kim (MR), Eric Schneider (WL), Sung Kim (MH), Will Reid (RH).

Group 6: Brandon Writt (G), Akash Marakath (MR), Trace Teodori (Re), Takumi Fukuzawa (C).

Group 7: Adam Fairbanks (OM), Tony Mobley (G), Jackson Graves (RH).


Group 1: Jacqueline Cherry (Ho), Faith McIlvain (MR), Isabel Trojillo (C), Alex Abrams (Ho).

Group 2: Megumi Fukuzawa (C), Katie Cody (C), Logan Lurie (Ho), Julianna Dorsch (Ho).

Group 3: Lee Lee Sands (WL), Morgan Taylor (C), Adrienne Lesho (RH), Alex Stone (G).

Group 4: Joanna Park (C), Ally Abruscato (G), Sarah Spall (WL).

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