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Hare Raisers 4-H Club looks back on successful year [West Friendship]

Hare Raisers 4-H Club reporter Rebecca Miller finishes out 2013 with a feeling of gratitude for all the accomplishments of her fellow club members.

Miller, a sophomore at Glenelg High, recalls the pride the club felt when member Kirsten Clark won the Maryland State Fair Rabbit Judging Scholarship. Hare Raisers organizational leader Wendy Feaga echoed Miller's pride.

Kirsten expressed great thanks to the many donors to this scholarship fund, including the Baltimore and Howard Hare Raisers, the Montgomery County 4-H Club, the National Capital Rabbit Club, Tom Fitzpatrick, Wendy Feaga, Robin Keyser, Jo Miadjenovich, Donna and Ashlee Richards and the Rabbit and Cavy Breeders 4-H Club.

More notes of gratitude from the 4-H members came in the form of thank you letters to club volunteer mom, Laura Hulett, who mailed shoe boxes loaded with goodies to former Hare Raisers who are away at college.

More end-of-the-year activity among this busy 4-H included the participation by several members of the Hare Raisers at the American Rabbit Breeders Association Nationals Convention, which was held in Harrisburg, Pa.

"It was amazing to meet rabbit breeders from all over the country," said club member Matthew Hulett. "There were over 1,000 rabbits present, representing over 45 different breeds and varieties."

During the convention, club member Danielle Hurd competed as an intermediate in rabbit judging and breed identification. Hurd placed in the top 20 for her efforts and noted that a highlight was meeting so many new people and the delightful culminating banquet.

"Nationals was a thrilling experience," Danielle said. "Representing the Maryland team was great."

Similarly, outgoing Hare Raisers president Kari Splitter ends her tenure with pride and a feeling of great accomplishment, but more than that, an overwhelming feeling of cherished memories and thanks directed to the club's adult leader, local veterinarian Dr. Wendy Feaga.

"My greatest mentor in 4-H has been Dr. Wendy Feaga," said Splitter. "I have been blessed by her example as a selfless, hardworking, faithful and patient volunteer and a determined trailblazer."

Splitter said Feaga has taught her skills that will follow her throughout her life. Splitter counts the traits of encouragement, leadership, responsibility and service as top among the many she learned from Wendy Feaga.

The club celebrated the end of the year and the end of the tenure of the current club officers with a dinner. Stories were told, memories shared, accolades doled out and gratitude was expressed for Wendy Feaga.

The new roster of club officers includes president Matthew Hulett, vice president Emily Buckley, secretary Danielle Hurd, treasurer Maolisa Wilson, reporter Grace Underwood, historian Erik Jacob, host Eoin Wilson and pledge leaders Ally Fehrman and Alex Ellis.

Happy New Year to all in the community.

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