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Santa delights neighborhoods, thanks to firefighters [West Friendship]

What a treat for area children to have heard the sirens of the fire trucks from West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department Station 3, as the firefighters guided by Santa Claus himself, drove through the neighborhoods in late December.

This is the best kind of siren to hear. Some residents were surprised, delighted and amazed. Many thanks to Station 3 members for yet again another special service to our community.

Speaking of firefighters. Lisbon volunteer firefighter Kenny Livesay was on hand in mid December to receive a check for over $4,000 made out to the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department. The funds were a portion of the walloping sum of over $8,000 raised by Glenwood Middle School student Ellie Feaga during her annual fall bake sale. The seventh grade student doled out a similar check to the other recipient of her sale, the Wounded Warrior Project. Well done Ellie.

Congratulations to the stellar spellers of Mount View Middle School who fared well during the National Geographic Spelling Bee competition on Dec. 10. Sixth grade student Zuha Islam took first place honors and will represent Mount View Middle School in the state competition.

Eric Zhu is the second runner up. Thanks go to Mount View Middle social studies teacher Eric Grabau, who acted as moderator, and to orchestra teacher Matthew DeBeal and Spanish teacher Kristin Strickler, who judged the competition.

Members of the Celestial Searchers Astronomers Club enjoyed the annual December meeting when club founder Joel Goodman led the discussion on the Star of Bethlehem.

The club celebrated with holiday goodies and the annual crafting of "astro" themed greeting cards. Many of the Celestial Searchers braved chilly temperatures during the long night of Dec. 13 to observe the Geminids Meteor Shower. The Meteor Shower watch was held at the Howard County Conservancy and hosted by Alex Storrs of Towson University and Joel Goodman.

Holiday greetings come our way from Jason Bostron and Daisy Phillips.

The Philtrons, as the married couple like to call themselves, are deep into Mexico right about now. Their trip, which is a bike journey from Alaska to Argentina, began last spring. The couple have biked more than 8,000 miles and met up with amazing scenery, adventures, new friends and experiences, exhilarating and harrowing, not to mention quite a few blisters along the way.

In the Oaxaca, Mexico, region they recently toured the pyramids of Teotihuacan and biked alongside mountain goats in the rugged ranges. Merry Christmas to Jason and Daisy wherever you are from your West Friendship friends and your parents, Mike and Debra Bostron of our town.

Well wishes to all in the community at this glorious time of year. As in most years, I will borrow once again from Charles Dickens. To echo Tiny Tim's joyful proclamation at the end of "A Christmas Carol" — "God bless us, everyone!"

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