Book of Maryland photography includes Cary Crocker [Marriottsville/Sykesville/Woodstock]

In January 2013, I wrote about Ellicott City photographer Cary Crocker, who focuses his lens on the small, sometimes overlooked bits of nature — for instance, the intricate features of insects and flowers.

He has found some of his inspiration in the woodlands of Marriottsville and the farmlands of Sykesville. Although he has shared his tiny tableaus in local displays, now his work will gain larger visibility as part of Maryland Public Television's newest book, "Capture Outdoors Maryland." Crocker's photo was one of 74 selected out of 17,000 submissions.

The MPT hardcover book is available online at,, and Some Maryland Barnes & Noble stores may have the book in stock.

To see more of Crocker's photography, go to his online gallery at, or visit the Gogo Guru Yoga Studio at 8289 Main St. in Ellicott City, now through February. Make sure to first check the studio schedule at so as not to interrupt a class.

The band students at West Friendship Elementary School have been working hard honing their skills. Congratulations to the December Musicians of the Month — Neha Dave', trumpet; Tyler Gladstone, tuba; Luke Iannuzzi, percussion; Zuha Islam, clarinet; Cassidy Keyser, clarinet; David McDonald, trombone; Julia Skopic, trombone; Joseph Switzer, trumpet; Ella Walchko, flute; and Rowan Wilson, oboe. These students have made a great effort and displayed positive attitudes.

Also, several band students have mastered their scales and earned the title of "Scale Star." Kudos to AJ Angarita, trumpet (Chromatic, C Major and G Major); Jack Baxter, percussion (C Major and B Flat Major); Krysta Cartee, flute (F Major and B Flat Major); Max Fagerstrom, trumpet (Chromatic, C Major, F Major, B Flat Major, E Flat Major, A Flat Major, G Major, D Major and A Major); Cole Felch, bassoon (Chromatic, C Major, F Major, B Flat Major, E Flat Major, A Flat Major, G Major, A Major); Brady Fenlon, percussion (Chromatic, C Major, B Flat Major and G Major); Paige Holland, clarinet (C Major); Luke Iannuzzi, percussion (Chromatic, C Major, F Major, B Flat Major, E Flat Major, A Flat Major, G Major, D Major, A Major, E Major); Cassidy Keyser, clarinet (C Major); Juliette LaVeck, flute (C Major and B Flat Major); Kevin Liu, alto saxophone (C Major, F Major, G Major, D Major and E Major); Rona Okojie, clarinet (F Major); Mackenzie Ryan, alto saxophone (G Major); Niko Sambat, percussion (B Flat Major); Emily Shim, flute (F Major and B Flat Major); Julia Skopic, trombone (B Flat Major); Joe Switzer, trumpet (C Major and G Major); Ethan Triska, clarinet (C Major); Jessica Turner, alto saxophone ( G Major); and Rowan Wilson, oboe (C Major, F Major, B Flat Major and E Flat Major).

Two students have successfully played — in one sitting — the chromatic scale and all nine major scales to four sharps and four flats. These Scale Superstars are Jimmy Herman, percussion, and Daniel Tuma, percussion. Way to go!

Best wishes to all for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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