Atholton Shopping Center gets a facelift in 1965 [History Matters]

August 1965

Shopping center facelift

"Facelifting Set For Atholton Shop Center:

"Atholton Shopping Center, recently purchased by Howard Research is going to get a face lifting shortly. The group of stores, located on Route 29 near the intersecting of Route 32, is to be beautified with trees.

"Viet Nam Combat Duty

 "Marine Private First Class William T. Heaps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Heaps of Transco Road, Ellicott City, is scheduled to return to the United States in early August following combat duty in the Da Nang sector of Viet Nam."

"Glenelg social notes:

"The Rev. and Mrs. Bernard Schult and family and Mrs. Lillie Schuldt from Portland, New York, were guests last week at the home of Mrs. Ann Asendorf and family. Mrs. J.R. Selby from Baldwin, New York, is visiting with Howard Crist, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Parks Rice from Paradise, Pennsylvania, were guests several days of last week with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Eice.

August 1924

Eating dust on Goose Hill

"Ellicott City Loses To Strong Alco Team; Locals Throw Scare Into Alco's — Scoring 5 runs In First Inning — Hudson Knocked Out

"Last Sunday Ellicott City journeyed to Goose Hill and were defeated by the strong Alco team, 10 to 6, in a seven inning contest before several thousand spectators. The local boys started off with a rush and before the dust of conflict was over (and it was some dust) they had pushed five runs across the platter.

"Hudson, one of their best bets, had been driven to cover and Charley Maisel, their star twirler, had to be called in to stem the fusillade of  hits. It was all over as far as Ellicott City was concerned for just as soon as big Charlie got going right he had them eating out of  his hand.

"The contract for construction of the Montgomery Road to Miller's corner will be awarded to Ward  & O'Connell at their bid of $36,229.50, as soon as the signatures of all abutting property owners have been affixed to the deeds of right-of-way."

August 1890

Mashed badly

"A Painful Accident: Mr. Leis F. Phleps, a prominent farmer of the fifth district, had his hand caught between the rollers of a rye thresher while at work on the farm of Mr. William Howard, near Dayton, Tuesday, and mashed badly.

"County brevities: The condition of Mr. Sebastian Brown, of Baltimore, who has been sick for five weeks from nervous prostration, has been improved. Acting upon the advice of his physician he has gone to the home of his mother, near Clarksville, this county. His family are still in the city, but will join him a few days.

"Mr. L.G. Mathews, of Glenwood, elsewhere announces that he represents the well known and reliable house of John S. Reese and Co., dealers in the best grades of commercial fertilizers. Mr. Mathews is well known to the farmers of Howard, and will accord them fair treatment.

"Mission services under the direction of Jesuit fathers have been in progress at St. Louis Catholic Church, Clarksville, during the past week daily at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 o'clock. A.M., and from 3:30 to 5 P.M. Similar exercises will be held at St. Mary's on Doughoregan Manor, the coming week."

Many estates owned by Catholics included chapels as a result of persecution of Catholics in colonial days. Although in 1634 a Jesuit priest had landed on Maryland's shores with other founders of the colony, with the 1646 English Civil War the tide had turned against Catholicism and Catholics were not allowed to worship in public in the colonies.

On the positive side, for the wealthy, rolling out of bed and into chapel wasn't a bad deal. (Although an in-home chapel would neatly wipe out any excuse for non-attendance!)

The Howard County Historical Society, at the Miller library, now has some archival information digitized. For more info give them a call at 410-480-3250.

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