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1890 census figures offer a surprise [History Matters]

July 1965

Classics for sale

From the Automobile ads: "1961 Chevrolet Belair, 6 cylinder, radio and heater, low mileage, stick shift, good condition. $800.

"1957 Chevrolet Belair — automatic transmission, 2 door hardtop V-8, power pack, power steering, power brakes, good tires, low mileage. Best offer.

 "1949 Willys Station Wagon. 4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive, new motor, only 12,000 miles, 2 new tires. Price $250.00.

 "1930 Model A Ford — 2 door, good condition, hydraulic brakes, (new tires 600-16)."

July 1924

Summer sundries

Social notes:

"Mr. Aubrey Wachter, of Los Angeles, Cal., visited the family of his brother, Mr. J. William Wachter, here during the past week.

"A large number of our people are enjoying the bathing along the banks of the Patuxent River here on these warm days.

 "Mr. Thomas H. Leishear visited at the home of his sisters, the Misses Leishear, near Columbia, on Sunday. Miss Mary French spent Sunday last at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gerber near Ten Hills.

"Mr. Fred Buckley, superintendent of Thistle Cotton Mills is reported quite ill at his home.

 "Paul Myer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Myer of Catonsville, who is studying for the priesthood at St. Mary's Seminary, will finish his four-year course of study in the American College in Rome. He will sail in September.

 "Trinity Church, Washington Boulevard, will hold a Chicken and Crab Supper, Wednesday evening, August 13.

 "Messrs. George Bowie McCeney, and LePage Cronmiller, Jr., of this town, were among the graduates of St. John's College at Annapolis, Md., and received the degree of A B. 'Bob' McCeney was the youngest graduate for the past twenty years.

"Thistle Celebrates Fourth: The Glorious Fourth was celebrated at Thistle, with an all day picnic. The field day events began at 2 P.M. with James H. Harvey as 'ring Master,' Norman Dyson, starter, and Charles Robust and Charles Harden, Judges. Each even was hotly contested.

"But the event of the day was a ball game between the married women and the married men.

 "Mrs. Charles Sherman, who did the twirling for the married women, served them up in truly big league style. However Boss Fred Buckley connected with one of her 'fast ones' for a two bagger, but got so excited that he started around the bases the wrong way. Honors were even until the last inning when Mrs. Charles Ridgley did the Babe Ruth stunt by smashing out a 'home run' with three on, which tucked away the game for the married women to the tune of 4 to 2."

July 1890

Hot cakes hereafter retire

"Howard Happenings: The entertainment for the benefit of the Sykesville street fund was given in Howard Hall on Tuesday night to a crowded house and was a complete success in every particular. The heat, like the proverbial 'ill wind,' proved a most efficient ally to one feature of the occasion and ice cream went off at such a rate that 'hot cakes' will hereafter retire from the track.

"Are the Figures Correct? Upon application by Senator Wm. B. Peter, the census authorities have furnished figures as to the population of Ellicott City and the Second district of Howard County. Figures for the other districts are said to be unavailable. The population of Ellicott City is put down at 1,451, and of this district 3,456. The figures are a great surprise. If correct which many people question, the Second district has fallen off more than 400 in population within the past ten years, the census of 1880 having shown its population to be 3,874."

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