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Dinner-dance benefit held for Glenelg Country in '65 [History Matters]

July 1965

Festivities at Glenelg Country

"Dinner-Dance Benefits Glenelg Country School:

"Supper on the terrace will add a festive note to what promises to be a delightful evening of dining and dancing at the Glenelg Country School on Saturday (When I asked who was there, I was rather indignantly informed 'Why, the couples of Sebring — all of them!') Prizes were won by Herman Yost, Liz McGowan, Tom Oyster, Julius Berger and Marie Porter. Also, departing with a prize was a Donleigh lady, Lucy Nillson!"

A photo caption: "Dr. and Mrs. William F. Bishop of 2 Normandy Dr., Ellicott City, enjoyed riding the AMF Monorail during their recent visit to the New York World's Fair.

"Mr. and Mrs. Howard Truitt of Jessup with Mr. and Mrs. George Holter of Laurel spent two days this week in Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Mrs. J. Frank Harman accompanied Mrs. Willis Simpson to Atlantic City, N.J., last Friday, where they remained for a few days.    

July 1924

Presbyterian's bazaar

"Lisbon: The members of Lisbon Presbyterian Church will hold a bazaar, on Tuesday afternoon July 8th from 3 to 6 o'clock at the Glenwood Club House. Public cordially invited to attend. A shooting match followed by a base ball game will be held July fourth at one o'clock to eight o'clock in the Cat Tail Meadow near Daisy; ice cream and cake will be on sale.

"Ilchester: The Thistle Factory begins its annual mid-summer vacation from June 28th to July 14th. Arrangements are being made for a Field Day to be held 4th of July by the Ladies' and Mens' Club of Thistle. Thistle Cornet Band will be in attendance."

July 1890

Mark the peculiar wording

Letter to the editor: "Remainders of the Past.

"Some time ago I read an account in the Times of old papers  being found in a trunk purchased at Mrs. Susannah Warfield's sale by J.H. Steele. After the sale of the effects of the late Mrs. M.A. Shipley, in Carroll County near Marriottsville, a lot of old, very old papers were found by the executors and the writer. I send you several.

"Among them you will find an order from 'Henry Howard on Rich'd Shipley, payable to Henry Wade, for 3 pounds' dated July 20, 1745, also a sale advertisement of Isaac Johnson's dated June 4th, 1812.

"Mark the peculiar wording of the notice and the small amount of paper used. I also enclose a note of hand given by 'Benj. Shipley to Dr. Chas. Alex. Warfield for 4 pounds 6s. 11p.' dated Jan 11, 1794. On the back of this note in a firm, bold hand is the receipt in full and signature of Chas. Alex. Warfield.

"You will also find a bill against Mr. John Tucker which reads: 'May ye 2nd 1735, to entry location; surveying; to 3 plats; 3 certificates; my journey for 50 miles, etc. signed 'Wm. Cromwell, Deputy Surveyor of A.A. Co.,' etc. On the back is receipt for 610 lbs. tobacco.

"Bill & c against John Howard (son of Benj.) for drawing and recording patent, entry, &c, 1750 is enclosed.

"There were many others of a similar character, one a bill of sale of a white man, Saml. Tunbridge, from the ship Tryall, Capt. Johnson, to Michael Scott, and assigned to Rich'd. Shipley Aug 13, 1750. I send you bill in favor of Abso. Warfield, schoolmaster, dated 1761, for schooling 2 boys 4 months at 2s. 6 d. each per month. What Warfield was this?

"Two wooden canteens used in the war of 1812 were found in a good state of preservation. One of them may be seen at the residence of Mr. G. E. Flower. Might they not be sent to the Maryland Historical Society?  Yours. O.C. Shipley. Lisbon."

The Maryland Historical Society began in 1844, and according to its website had 150 members by the end of that year. They are headquartered on Monument Street, in what was the home of Enoch Pratt, and hold various events and have special displays throughout the year.

Happy Fourth!

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