Livestock news from 1890 [History Matters]

March 1965

60-minute man

Howard High's Football Dinner: "George Petrlik, co-captain of Howard High's football team and Tom Anderson, Glenelg's hard-hitting quarterback, have been selected to receive honors at the Baltimore Chapter Second Annual National Football Foundation Awards Dinner on Wednesday, March 10, at the Emerson Hotel in Baltimore.

Tom is described by Vernon E. Seibert, Glenelg's Athletic director, as 'a 60 minute player, going both ways on offense and defense. He is a strong runner,' continued Seibert, 'and an ardent student of the game. I have found him to be refined, mannerly, a responsible leader and very coachable.'

George has maintained a 'B' average in the college preparatory course, while engaged in varsity football, basketball and baseball. He is currently secretary for the Letterman's Club.  Speaker for the evening will be Richard W. Colman, Jr., coach of Princeton's last year undefeated Tigers."

 Other social notes: "Mr. and Mrs. R. Warren Edwards of Valley Road have returned from Virginia Beach, where they attended the Chevrolet Convention.

"Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Snader of Foxhill Drive spent the week-end of February 20 in Philadelphia for the anniversary celebration of the Alpha Pi Lambda Fraternity of Drexel Institute.

"Mr. and Mrs. Al Jaffe of Tyler, Ct., entertained their Couples Bridge Group Saturday evening."  

From a Times photo caption: "Bahamas Cruise: Leaving New York harbor aboard Home Line's luxury flagship, the S. S. Homeric, Mr. and Mrs. N.H. Eames of 28 Durham rd. Ellicott City, are pictured on the deck. They are bound for a vacation cruise to the sun-filled Bahamas and West Indies for two weeks."

For a couple centuries there were the British, Danish, Netherlands, French and Spanish West Indies. When the United States bought the part from Denmark, about 100 years ago, those sites became the U.S. Virgin Islands.

March 1924

Off the sick list

"Pfeiffer's Corner: We are glad to say both Mrs. John Geisen and Miss Victoria, who have been on the sick list the past three weeks, are convalescing.

"Mrs. Robt. Christian is spending a couple of weeks with Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Christian, while Capt. Christian is away on a tour of inspection in connection with his duties as a member of the Virginia National Guard.

"Lieut. J. Dewey Christian, of the U.S. Marines, made a flying visit home last week-end. He recently returned from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and is now at Quantico, Va., preparing to enter the Aviation Corps.

"Glenelg: Mr. and Mrs. Linden Summers and daughter, spent Sunday last with Mrs. Owings and family.

 "Mr. and Mrs. Pulse and family spent Sunday last with Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman and family."

March 1890

Banged ponies

"Doughoregan Dots: A Budget of Neighborhood Gossip — The Doughoregan Club

 "Mr. James A. Vernay has banged [tail trimmed] his ponies; they look very pretty and he handles them nicely.

 "Mr. Patrick Renehan, butcher at the college, slaughtered a steer that weighed nineteen hundred.

  "Mr. Thomas Hennesy has a very speedy horse which can beat six minutes over the road with a heavy wagon.

  "Mr. Thomas O'Donnell has clipped his trotting horse.

  "Professor Earp will sail for Europe next month for his health.

  "Mr. John J. Vernay and a party of friends visited Annapolis on Tuesday last."

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