Lime Kiln Middle musicians headed to Midwest Clinic [Fulton/Highland]

Anyone that purposely travels to Chicago during the winter is either crazy or is pursuing a dream. In the case of Catherine Du, Ryan Moy, Angela Wei, Alex Moy and Benjamin Cho, these Lime Kiln Middle School students, it's the latter.

These students traveled with the Howard County Middle School GT Orchestra to participate in the Midwest Clinic, the world's largest instrumental music education conference.

This conference draws about 17,000 attendees annually from all 50 states and from more than forty countries. Congratulations.

The Lime Kiln Middle School students of the week for the week ending Dec. 13 are Chelsea Baker, Ali Rajabi Abhari, Joshua Bradford, Anjola Bamisaiye, Camryn Bates, Samantha Hall, Paul Ciccone and Sydney Grant.

Continuing the abundance of awesome readers at Fulton Elementary School for the months of September and October, here are the names of the second graders: Alex Kim, Emily Phansaithong, Norah Vanderpool, Jenny Zhang, Ryan Stevenson, Lucy Graber, Haley Ko, Kendall Hartman, Sara Park, Amir Edris, Kadence Chau, Leo Im, Anthony Mydlar and Michelle Mason. The third graders are: Jennah Munongo, Alexis Lee, Luke Rubin, Devan Patel, Nick Ryu, Devin Vanterpool, Maggie Frisvold, Daniel Lee, Alana Leak, Harper Campbell, Lucas Morales, Chloe Kim and Caris Eaton. Congratulations to all of you. Well done.

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.

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