Behavior of a confused robin has an explanation [Fulton/Highland]

We've been experiencing some strange bird behavior by a confused robin. For the last two or three springs, a robin has been visiting us and staying on the top-most branch of a rhododendron bush that is in front of our living room windows.

All day long, he taps his beak on the window pane or he leaps off the branch and flies into the window. He hasn't hurt himself, but he sure seems to be one bewildered bird.

And, he's not overly afraid of seeing me through the window. He'll stop for a moment, wait and then start all over again. He's really something.

I fired off an email to Bob and Jo Solem, members of the Howard County Bird Club (, seeking their advice about this behavior. They quickly responded.

"Indeed he does think it is a rival, not a potential mate. Since that is his territory, he is defending it against the intruder. He probably won't do any damage to himself or the window, but he sure is wasting a lot of energy that could be put to better use attracting a mate! Eventually things will settle down, but it is a little disconcerting until then. Unfortunately, this is common behavior among males of nearly all nesting birds."

Before you know it, it'll be summer, the pools will be open, kids will be swimming, moms and dads will be relaxing poolside. Where will you be?

If you live in or near Hammond Park, then you've got a neighborhood pool at your disposal. The pool is now accepting memberships for the upcoming summer swim season. It's a private swim club, owned by its members, near Route 29 and Gorman Road. The club has a competitive swim team, social events, swim lessons, basketball/volleyball/tetherball areas, free Wi-Fi and more. You can get information by sending an email to

The Reservoir High School graduating class of 2013 has its commencement at noon on Tuesday, May 28. On a different note, former Reservoir High School principal (and the principal at Marriotts Ridge High School) Addie Kaufman was selected by the Washington Post as the Distinguished Educator Leader for 2013. What an outstanding honor. Congratulations.

The Fulton Elementary School "Kids for Character" for the month of February were kindergarten, Radhika Shah; first grade, Jenny Zhang; second grade, Ann Schaab; third grade, Faith Comising; fourth grade, Helen Fleming; and fifth grade, Jose Gutierrez.

Students are selected for this honor based on respectfulness, responsibility, and readiness each day. On March 15, they proudly wore their new "got character?" tie-dyed T-shirt while welcoming students into the school building with the school mascot Freddy the Falcon.

Congratulations also go out to Lisa Schlossnagle for having won the Golden Apple award, which recognizes volunteering to benefit education in the state and is given to one recipient from each Maryland County. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot visited Fulton Elementary School to present Lisa with the award.

Are you looking for that unique gift for mom or dad on Mother's Day and Father's Day? How about their very own Reservoir High School gator-themed corn-hole game?

Reservoir DECA and the Technology Department are working together to sell these gator-themed boards. If you are interested, contact Kendall Tayman at The price is $150, and all funds go to DECA students and the chapter.

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