Reservoir students win foreign language contest [Highland/Fulton]

How many of you studied a foreign language in high school? How well did you do?

Learning the intricacies of a foreign tongue is hard enough, but how about trying to write poetry in it?

And, on top of that, win a competition!

Well, these Reservoir High School language students did just that. The World Language Poetry Alive contest challenges students to write an original poem in the language they are studying.

The students are Advait Ramanan, German 2; Caroline Winand, German 3; Andrea Tavakol, French 3; Cara Figueroa, French 3; Nsikan Akpan, Spanish 4; Blair Bonner, Advanced Special Topics in Spanish; and Amaya Phillips, Heritage Speaker. They will go on to represent Reservoir at the county level.

Congratulations to these students and to their excellent language teachers Andrew Bell, German; Greg Dubicki, French; and Marisa Willman, Spanish.

The Lime Kiln Middle School students of the week for the week ending March 1 are Zara Ameli, Rocco Panza, Hilda Flike-Jacobson, Kai Muniz, Sofia Novacic, Kristen Noppinger and Danielle Mortensen. Congratulations.

Finally, I'd like to wish our daughter, Christie Gait-Dillard, a happy birthday.

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