Spotlight on exceptional students at two schools [Fulton/Highland]

The Lime Kiln Middle School students of the week for the week ending Jan. 31 are Nicole Regan, Sean Gray, Melissa Anderson, Mitchell Bardsley, Vivian Zhuang and Anthony Payne. Congratulations.

The following Fulton Elementary School students were "high flying falcons" for the month of December. The kindergarteners are Zoe Graber, Isaiah McAdoo, Julia Baur, Kelsey Gracia, Sarah Vanderpool, Margot Cramer, Karen Yhim and Devin Patel.

The first graders are Hailey Meadows, Mathias Makonnen, James Holmes, Achal Patel, Sierra Claxton, Radhika Shah, Michael Ormond and Amanda Wang.

The second graders are Blake Orndorff, Karoon Armand, Logan Wright, Calvin Turner, Elena Bowles, Sean Kim, Caden Burgess, Bode Kunda, Leo Im, Megan Cooper, Brooke Glascoe and Ryan Higginbotham.

The third graders are Andrew Phelps, Eva West, Emily Meadows, Theo Poulos, Maggie Frisvold, Mason Slusher and Heather Rollins.

The fourth graders are Peter Lee, Morgan Clayton, Simone Barrett, Steven Khuu, Ocarina Lin, Carolyn Jacob, Dakota Onyenorah, Madison Bloodworth, Sripriya Vemu, Marina Cohen and Vaibhav Pandey.

The 5th graders are Olamide Oluwafemi, Avinash Kannan, Malcolm Brown, Alyssa Lee, Mehul Sreenivas, Tea Consoli, Anjali Paliyam, Clayton Carter, Jeremy Liberty, Kendel Vanterpool, Collin Carter, Sonia Goyal, Kyle Stevenson, Samantha Guchhait, Emily Yang, Jacob Kaplan and Mai Samuels.

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