County should now begin roving housecleaning service [Letter]

I was reading the recent article about the Roving Radish with great interest. Wow — what a fantastic program. Really — bringing fresh food to areas with full service grocery stores right in the neighborhood is a stroke of genius. What an excellent use of our tax dollars and grant money. It's so difficult to make healthy meals without the government cutting my veggies and meat for me.

I'm sure local businesses like Let's Dish are thrilled to have the subsidized competition.  Make six figures a year?  No problem — please sign up. 

I sincerely hope the next issue the Howard County government will tackle is housecleaning. How about a roving cleaning service? I just can't be bothered and, you know, germs and dirt can become a serious health issue. I can't possibly tackle it without my government's hands-on assistance.

This is just the sort of program, along with the "hey, you can't buy that soda on county property" that has turned this independent voter firmly away from the Democratic Party in Howard County.  

Educate, yes. Programs that teach about healthy eating, posted calorie counts, food stamps for those who are truly in need, yes. Roving Radish and other similar "let the government do that/decide that for you because you can't possibly be trusted to manage your own life," no..

Amber Driesman

Ellicott City

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