"I'll have to go out and find employment elsewhere," he said.

Shawn Lynch, a contingent firefighter at West Friendship, said Goddard is eliminating the program to punish Lisbon, and West Friendship is stuck in the middle.

"We feel like we're getting caught in the crossfire," he said.

Goddard said it's disingenuous for Lisbon to suggest he is doing this as retaliation.

"This discussion started before the fire tax issue," Goddard said. "It's just absolutely not true."

Firefighters union president Rich Ruehl did not return phone calls for comment.

Goddard said he plans to meet with Lisbon representatives in the next few weeks to decide how the fire company will function without contingents.

Livesay said he expects most of the contingents will not volunteer at the station after the program ends.

But he added that Lisbon is committed to funding the contingent program, with or without the county's support.

"We're going to find a way to do this," he said. We're determined."