Howard police arrest 18 in North Laurel prostitution sting

Howard County Police arrested and charged 18 men with soliciting prostitution Wednesday after conducting its second prostitution sting of the year. 

Detectives and female officers arrested and charged the men for soliciting prostitution along the Washington Boulevard corridor in North Laurel, according to a news release.

Police said female officers dressed in plain clothes worked undercover in areas targeted by citizen complaints. Men who approached the officers and offered money for sex were arrested, police said.

Of the 18 arrested, five were from North Laurel and two from Columbia, according to police. The men arrested ranged in age from 26 to 80, police said.

The 18 men also were charged with disorderly conduct, police said. 

Eleven men were arrested in police's first prostitution sting of the year held on April 24. In 2012, Howard police arrested 32 men in three prostitution stings.

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