Paper ballots confirm results in Laurel election

The paper ballots tallied by the Laurel Board of Election Supervisors on Wednesday evening confirmed the unofficial results from Tuesday's City Council election, which saw all five incumbents re-elected for two more years.

Incumbents Michael Leszcz, who was running for re-election to the at-large seat; Valerie Nicholas and H. Edward Ricks, both of Ward 1; and Donna Crary and Frederick Smalls of Ward 2 were re-elected by a comfortable margin following Tuesday's election.

The incumbents unofficially defeated three challengers: at-large candidate Adrian Rousseau, Ward 1 challenger John Mathew Smith and Ward 2 challenger Thomas Matthews.

The paper ballots, which included 74 absentee ballots and 32 provisional ballots, were not enough to sway the outcome of any of the five races. 

Below are the final vote totals for each candidate broken down by seat (Italics denote victor). Kim Rau, cler of the Board of Election Supervisors, is scheduled to present the results to the City Council at a council meeting Thursday at 7 p.m.

At Large

  • Michael Leszcz - 672
  • Adrian Rousseau - 421

Ward 1 

  • Valerie Nicholas - 470
  • H. Edward Ricks - 465
  • John Mathew Smith - 160

Ward 2

  • Donna Crary - 351
  • Frederick Smalls - 297
  • Thomas Matthews - 244

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